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Namibia Horse Safari Company

Windhoek, Namibia Verified Listing

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Challenging Mobile Riding Safaris

These challenging rides are for the serious and seriously fit rider in some of the most remote and dramatic desert terrain Namibia has to offer. Ride long distances at a fast pace and live with horses 24/7. Some nights are spent in lodges, most are spent camping in the wilderness but with all the luxuries - coffee in the morning, ice in your sundowners, hot bucket showers, delicious food and good company around the campfires. Life seldom gets better!

The Namib Desert: One of the Most Beautiful Places on Earth

Namibia is an arid land famous for incredible beautiful landscapes and kaleidoscopic colors. Still wonderfully wild and remote, it has few people, little development and lots of space that makes it perfect for riding treks. It is also a politically stable and safe country that is easy to reach with regular international flights.


The Horses: Well Cared For, Tough as Nails and Fit

When they are not on safari, the herd of about 90 horses lives in semi liberty in their natural environment, walking huge distances from grazing to water every day. That’s what keeps them fit, surefooted and balanced. They live together and they also work together going on a 10 day trip every 6 weeks between April and October. When they work, horses are groomed and thoroughly vetted to ensure they are fit to keep going. Spare horses come along so that the youngsters can get extra rest and the occasional injured one does not have to be ridden. Namibia Horse Safari even have their own saddle maker who designed safari saddles specifically to make the horses’ and riders' lives easier. These people are seriously serious about their horses’ wellbeing!

Better come prepared!

These rides are as tough as they are beautiful. You will cover from 20 to 60 kilometers a day, often at a fast pace. You are not expected to groom your own horse as well. So come very (very!) fit both for your own enjoyment and for the sake of your horse! The rewards are an incredible experience and a lifetime of memories.


Environmental Conservation and Responsible Tourism

As custodians of the wild and beautiful areas you will ride in, the Namibia Horse Safari Company is dedicated to protect these extremely fragile desert environments and support conservation projects. They also contribute to programmes dedicated to assist local communities who must bear the costs of living with wild animals and do not always share equally in the benefits from tourism.



PO Box 97509 10020 Windhoek Namibia


Hosea Kutako International Airport

Namibia Horse Safari Company


Verified Listing

Windhoek, Namibia

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Skeleton Coast - Damaraland Riding Safari (15-24 March 2023) 10D/9N

Namibia Horse Safari Company
Windhoek, Namibia
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