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Morning Line Club Inc.

Elmhurst, United States Verified Listing

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Welcome to The Morning Line Club

Morning Line Club is the trailblazer in merging the exhilaration of horse racing with the opportunities of blockchain technology. We provide our member's real access to horses and racing events while also ensuring they share in the financial rewards and social and cultural experiences that horse racing offers. It's not just about ownership - it's about belonging to a vibrant community where every member plays an integral role.

Invest in a New Breed of Ownership

Founders Card

Unlike other digital assets that only exist in the metaverse, MLC membership grants you access to living, breathing, competitive horses that compete in the most prestigious races. You're not merely an observer but an active participant in the horse racing world.

Get yours Today: Click -> Founder Card

Founder Card: Your Ticket to the Club

Ready to join the club? Mint your Founder Card and become a part of this exclusive horse racing club. Your Founder Card is more than just a membership - it's your ticket to a range of immersive and rewarding experiences in horse racing.

Member Card: Breed, Compete, and Earn

Our Club Member Card opens up a realm of opportunities. From owning breeding rights to competing as a shared owner on race day and benefiting from the success of the MLC stable, your Member Card keeps you at the heart of the action.

Horse Bits: The Trading Cards of the Future

We introduce Horse Bits, our unique version of trading cards, each linked to a specific horse in the MLC stable. These offer incentives to buy, sell, and trade, unlocking various privileges, experiences, and rewards for members.

Backed by Industry Veterans and Tech Pioneers

Our club is co-founded by Tom Taaffe, a decorated racehorse trainer with over 40 years of experience, and Way Too Digital, leaders in the field of web development, AI, and blockchain technologies. Our partnership ensures you receive an unparalleled experience in horse racing and blockchain innovation.


Founders Card

Meet Our Stellar Team

A team of passionate horseplayers, decorated horse trainers, and hospitality experts established the Morning Line Club. Our team is committed to providing you with a unique and profitable ownership experience in the world of horse racing.

Advisory Board: The Minds Behind the Club
Our advisory board comprises experts with a wealth of experience in diverse fields, from blockchain technology to thoroughbred racing. They bring a depth of knowledge and innovation to our club, ensuring you get the best out of your membership.


What is Morning Line Club (MLC)?
The Morning Line Club is a pioneering venture that marries the excitement of real-world horse racing with the dynamic potential of blockchain technologies. As the first-ever web3-exclusive horse racing club, our membership model operates entirely on the blockchain. This innovation provides unparalleled access to the thrilling world of horse racing, creating a unique opportunity for those who may have previously found this world out of reach.

What benefits does membership confer?
A Card membership in the Morning Line Club brings with it an array of exclusive privileges. As a member, you stand to earn from the purses and breeding rights of all horses in the MLC stable. Additionally, for Horse Bit holders and select tiers of Card holders, real-life experiences such as having breakfast with the trainer or jockey, paddock privileges, visiting the horse on a non-race day, opportunities to feature in winners’ circle photos, access to private boxes, and invitations to exclusive events, are all part of the unique package.

What is a Member Card?
A Member Card is your gateway to profit from the revenue generated by all the horses in the MLC stable. It not only allows members to tap into this broad earning potential but also enables them to move between different membership tiers, opening up further opportunities to enhance their earnings.

What is a Horse Bit?
A Horse Bit is a distinctive element of the Morning Line Club, providing members access to profits, distributions, and a variety of special events, social experiences, and exclusive benefits. Each Horse Bit is linked to a specific horse, and these can be traded or sold, creating an additional stream of potential revenue.

What distinguishes a Member Card from a Horse Bit?T
he Member Card is a product that allows members to profit from all the revenue generated from all of the horses in the stable; the amount of profit depends on the level of card you own. Members can move between membership tiers which provide the potential to earn more. While Member Cards allow you to share in the financial rewards for the entire barn, Horse Bits provide members access to profits and distributions, special events, social experiences and exclusive benefits for one specific horse. A Horse Bit gives a member an opportunity to get closer to one specific horse.

Are there any additional fees after purchasing a Member Card?
No. If you prefer to keep your purchase limited to a Member Card, there is no obligation to pay any additional fees or provide any further capital - you can simply continue to reap all the benefits that come with your original purchase of a Member Card.



Racing Experience Unlike Any Other

Further Information

Can I profit from my MLC membership?
Absolutely, there are multiple ways to generate earnings with MLC. Your potential for profit hinges on several factors, including the tier of your membership, the performance of the horses in our stable, your trading and collection of Horse Bits, as well as how effectively you leverage other gamification strategies on the MLC platform.

Are there any liabilities associated with MLC membership?
Rest assured, as a member of the MLC, you assume no direct ownership of the horses and therefore incur no liabilities related to them. Your membership affords you the right to participate in the profits and partake in exclusive social experiences offered by the MLC.

What percentage of the prize money does MLC share?
At MLC, we believe in fostering a robust and engaged community. To that end, we share 100% of the purses among our Member Card members, Horse Bit holders, and Race Bits holders.

When do I make a payment to become a member?
The journey to becoming an MLC member starts with the minting process. This is when you will make your payment, select your membership tier, and become a proud Card holder.

Can I make my payment using a credit card?
Yes, you can! We partner with CrossMint, a reputable third-party service, to facilitate the minting of your MLC products using a credit card. This is a part of our commitment to providing a smooth and hassle-free experience for all our members.


Morning Line Club Inc.


Verified Listing

Elmhurst, United States