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Morgado Lusitano

Lisbon - Lisboa, Portugal Verified Listing

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Experience Classical Dressage Excellence at Morgado Lusitano

Morgado Lusitano is an equestrian enthusiast’s dream destination. Ride magnificent Lusitano horses, trained to the highest standards in classical equitation, accompanied by world-renowned equestrian masters. All our holiday packages offer a unique learning experience, as they provide the general public with horses trained to a level that is rarely available in the overwhelming majority of riding schools. Learn as a novice rider or come here to perfect your skills. This wonderful centre is the ideal location for a unique holiday experience, regardless of your riding level.

Morgado Lusitano offers exceptional riding vacations staying within the beautiful Quinta with superb facilities amongst the wonderful natural landscape over the Tejo River.

Most packages include accommodation, meals and multiple lessons on their spectacular schoolmasters. The emphasis is on classical dressage with top tuition, and you don’t need to worry if you are not confident in your riding abilities yet, tuition levels can be adapted to suit any capabilities. Among the various movements taught by the instructors are shoulder-in, half-pass, counter canter, flying lead changes, Spanish walk, pirouette, piaffe and passage, among others!

Make the Most of Your Riding Vacation - Explore Portugal

Morgado Lusitano is 15 minutes from Lisbon Airport, in the heart of Vila Franca da Xira and just a stone’s throw from the picturesque Bucelas wine region. This area of the country is famous for its connection to the horse and bullfighting world. The perfect place to enjoy the authentic spirit of Lusitano horses in their native homeland.

The beauty is not only reserved for the scenery though, after riding you will rest your tired muscles in the decadent 18th-century estate, Quinta da Portela. A trip to Morgado Lusitano is an exquisitely authentic experience for every horse lover.

Venture into the city and explore Lisbon when you have some time off the saddle. Soak up the stunning architecture with a historic walk across cobbled streets, or breathe in the salty sea air at one of the many Atlantic beaches. Lisbon has something to offer any traveller.


Equestrian Holiday Packages

Top-Notch Horse Training at Morgado Lusitano

Morgado Lusitano is synonymous with Lusitano horses and the reputation that precedes them means that they have been the trusted trainer of hundreds of horses throughout their 30 years. The horses that train here are offered quality care; they have large stalls, are well-fed and are exercised daily. The sublime care the horses receive results in Lusitano horses that are calm, generous in spirit and willing to learn. An ideal location for a novice rider looking to learn or a horse owner looking for a specialised trainer for their own horse.

The Morgado Lusitano Experience

  • Working Equitation: The Portuguese experience of working equitation allows riders to include some of the principles of their lessons in a more playful and practical setting while riding.
  • Trail Riding: Enjoy an array of trail rides during your visit that will take place within the property itself in the onsite pine tree forest. Ride to the top of the hill and see the ruins of the neighbouring fortress and appreciate the stunning view encompassing the Tagus River and Lisbon.
  • Photo Sessions: Make sure you take home the perfect souvenir of this unforgettable experience. Morgado Lusitano offers riders the opportunity to have specialised photo sessions either modelling or during their lessons. Capture moments with your beautiful horse and the stunning scenery and treasure the photos for a lifetime!


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Directions from Lisbon:
• Drive on the A1 motorway towards Porto
• Take the exit towards ALVERCA (no toll) ,
• Turn right towards BUCELAS ,
• Follow the signs towards BUCELAS/MAFRA (N116)
• Look for the sign for our entrance on your left


Located just 15 minutes from Lisbon Airport, in the tradicional municipality of Vila Franca de Xira, know by the connection to the horse and bullfighting world and next door to the picturesque Bucelas wine region.

Morgado Lusitano


Verified Listing

Lisbon - Lisboa, Portugal

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Adventure Trails (Multiple Options)

Morgado Lusitano
Lisbon - Lisboa, Portugal
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Riding Lessons - Customizable

Morgado Lusitano
Lisbon - Lisboa, Portugal
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Tailor Your Own Package - Shared Accommodation

Morgado Lusitano
Lisbon - Lisboa, Portugal
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