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Luxor Stables

Luxor, Egypt Verified Listing

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Experience the Magic of Egypt at Luxor Stables

Saunter along the stunning banks of the River Nile on a magnificent horse and feel like royalty as you soak in the magic of Egypt. When you ride with Luxor Stables you will experience Egypt like never before. Transport yourself back in time and canter through quaint, sun-drenched villages, pass through mountains and spot the many wildlife species from horseback! End your day with the unique opportunity to watch the sun dipping behind the Habu Temple as the sunset hues flood the desert sands. A ride with Luxor Stables is an unforgettable experience and one you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Feed Your Wanderlust with a Riding Holiday at Luxor Stables

Discover the unique wonder of Luxor with a riding holiday at Luxor Stables. This experience will give you a lot more than just a couple of horse rides instead, you will truly care for your beautiful four-legged companion on a part-loan agreement. The special focus at Luxor Stables will mean you have the chance to nurture your relationship with your horse travel companion whilst you voyage through Luxor and take in the culture and beauty of the area.



Drink up the Elegance of Luxor

Luxor has something for everyone, from the culture seekers and history fanatics to the nature lovers, Luxor is the perfect city to find it all! Luxor allows its visitors to step back in time to soak up the history and take in the culture of the area all the while remaining connected to modernity. The Habu Temple and ancient mud-brick houses provide the most beautiful backdrop for your horseback ride. Or, if you are craving a greener setting during your stay in the city, rides with Luxor Stables will also take you through banana and sugarcane plantations, as well as desert, countryside and mountains adventures. The most picturesque settings for your Egyptian riding adventure.

Enjoy a Week with Luxor Stables

A riding holiday with Luxor Stables will give you an exclusive and comprehensive once in a lifetime experience. You will spend a week enjoying life in Egypt with your trusted horse companion.
When you arrive at Luxor Stables, you will be given time to settle into your accommodation and enjoy a delicious home-cooked lunch at the hotel. After eating, you will meet the guides who will take care of you during your stay, and you’ll learn about the safety protocols and learn about the stables and rides. Then, it’s time to meet your horse! Once you feel comfortable and you’re al suited up – it’s time for your first ride. Experience the magic of Egyptian riding with an afternoon ride along the banks of the Nile through nearby villages and watch daily life unfold from the comfort of your stunning horse.
When the evening comes, get your bearings with a stroll around Gezira village or cross the river and explore the local Souq.

You will spend the rest of your week exploring the surrounding areas on horseback, mucking out stables and experiencing life as an Egyptian local!

Your week spent with Luxor Stables will be an unforgettable experience and you will be surrounded by the illuminating beauty of Egyptian culture, from desert sunrises and sunsets to lovingly home-cooked Egyptian food. Every second of your holiday will be full of wonderful experiences that will become memories you will cherish forever.


Day 2:
Saddle up for a ride around the sugarcane and banana plantations for 3 hours. Take a break with a delicious lunch at the sunflower restaurant before heading back to the Stables. In the afternoon, you will learn more about your four-legged companion with an interesting talk about the role of horses in Egypt. In the evening, devour a delicious Egyptian cooking experience and sample some scrumptious local delicacies.

Day 3: Wake up early for a magical desert sunrise ride followed by a delicious brunch to refuel! On this day, you will have some free time in the afternoon to spend as you please and discover the area at your own pace. In the evening, feel exhilarated with a desert quad bike ride along with a dinner in the desert.

Day 4: Kick off your day by grooming the horses and then leave them to rest a little while you head out on a boat ride and a lunch at Banana Island. In the afternoon, you will enjoy a 3–4-hour sunset ride past the Habu Temple. You will then be able to unwind with some free time in the evening.

Day 5: First things first – make the horses look pretty! Spend some time this morning grooming the horses. Afterwards, take a stroll around the local farms where you can help the farmers make sun bread, a delicious and ancient delicacy in Egypt. When you’ve worked up an appetite from all the bread making you will be served a light lunch at the Amon Hotel before heading off on a 4–5-hour countryside and mountain adventure ride.

Day 6: Saddle up for your final ride of the holiday. Choose whatever route you would like and revel in the views from horseback! After your ride, you will be served lunch at the Wolf restaurant. Then, spend the rest of the afternoon doing something slightly different – learn all about another of Egypt’s precious animals, the camel! Find out how they are kept in Egypt and the importance they hold in Egyptian culture. Once you know all about these beautiful creatures, hop on for a 2-hour camel ride around the local area.



Make your Trip Extra Special

For additional charges you can also enjoy some exciting activities during your stay at Luxor. Make the most of your free time with more unique experiences! Including, a hot air balloon ride at dawn, or visits to Brooke and ACE animal hospitals located on the East Bank. You can also visit the Habu Temple, the Ramesseum, Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens, Tombs of the Nobles, Dier el Medina (worker’s village), Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple Sound and Light and Howard Carter House. Alternatively, hire a car for an additional charge and spend your last day exploring Hurghada and ride near the Red Sea.



40 min (29.5 km) via 02/Cairo from Luxor airport to Luxor Stables.

Luxor Stables


Verified Listing

Luxor, Egypt

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Gezira Garden Hotel Half Board Single person room (7 days)

Luxor Stables
Luxor, Egypt
EUR 171.84

Ride and Care for a Horse in Egypt for a Week plus Transfer from Hurghada Airport (Child)

Luxor Stables
Luxor, Egypt
EUR 702.48

Hourly Rides (Children)

Luxor Stables
Luxor, Egypt
EUR 4.44