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Lusitano Network

Norwich, United Kingdom Verified Listing

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About Lusitano Network

Lusitano Network is a multi-national collaboration derived around the love of Lusitano horses and Portuguese Equestrian Culture. Our goal is to bring like minded equestrians together and open up a unique opportunity for everyone to fall in love with the Lusitano horse and culture!

There is an ever growing community of horse lovers that are finding the beauty of the Lusitano horse; their power, beauty and elegance combined with incredible working temperament proves to be the perfect combination for lots of riders in the UK. Our love of the breed has seen us breed, compete, perform, buy & sell Lusitano horses all over the world. It is our aim to show the world the amazing traits of this breed, whilst keeping traditional values but moving with the modern times.

Working in collaboration with other well known Luistano breeders, trainers, stud farms and riders allows for us to have a greater knowledge and understanding of not only the characteristics and breeding of the Lusitano horses coming to the UK but also allowing us to be an integral part of their training programme providing a smoother transition for owners bringing horses to the UK.

Immerse yourself in Golēga with Lusitano Network

Are you wanting to immerse yourself in the Portuguese equestrian culture and find your love of Lusitanos? We offer ridden holiday packages to the famous Golēga Fair located in the heart of Portugal where you will get to ride beautiful horses amongst some of the great riders and breeders who have helped path the way of these horses and culture.


Holiday Packages to Golēga

Want to find your perfect Lusitano horse?

If you, like us, love the Lusitano breed and are looking for a new horse, we offer a professional tailored viewing service to Portugal to travel around many stud farms learning what bloodlines and types you may or may not prefer to find your perfect horse.

Spectacle of Equitation

Lusitano Network’s passion to show how versatile and talented this breed is seen in displays all across the UK in their show Spectacle Of Equitation. Not only do you see authentic horses, costumes and riders showcasing a traditional display of Equitation, but added to this is a new modern show stopping twist that really shows the power and trust of the Lusitano horse.


Find Your Perfect Lusitano


Lusitano Network


Verified Listing

Norwich, United Kingdom

Activities at facility


Remaining Golega Holiday Package Balance

Lusitano Network
Norwich, United Kingdom
GBP 800.00

Golega Festival 5 Day Riding Tour – Immersive Cultural Experience

Lusitano Network
Norwich, United Kingdom
GBP 800.00

Golega Festival 5 Day Riding Tour – Immersive Cultural/Party Experience!

Lusitano Network
Norwich, United Kingdom
GBP 800.00