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Lusitano Breed Society of Great Britain

Onley Grounds Equestrian Complex, United Kingdom Verified Listing

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Introduction to The Lusitano Breed Society of Great Britain

The Lusitano Breed Society of Great Britain is a non-profit organization that works to promote the Lusitano breed in the UK. The organization is responsible for registering pure and part-bred Lusitanos, improving the breed standard, and supporting opportunities to showcase the versatility and quality of the breed. The society is affiliated with the APSL in Portugal and works alongside them to protect and enhance the breed.

What We Offer

The Lusitano Breed Society of Great Britain promotes the Lusitano in the UK, working alongside the APSL to protect and improve the breed standard, register pure and part bred Lusitanos, and support opportunities to showcase the versatility and quality of the breed.




Stallion and Mare Grading: Sunday 23rd July at Onley Grounds Equestrian Centre.
Mare Only Grading: Friday 20th July at East Anglia Farm.
Entries open: 8/4/2023
Entries close: 9/6/2023
Strictly no late entries. Check on eligibility!

Mare & stallion grading at the breed show will be charged at standard grading fee at the 2022 rate of £350. Mare or stallion owners must be a member of the LBSGB.
For farm grading (mares only) there will two payments, one being the grading fee of £350 this paid at time of entry. The second payment the “farm grading cost” will be requested soon after closing date once we have numbers, location, timings etc. These include the judge’s day rate, likely around £250, travel expenses at 45p miles, arena hire, possible accommodation, food etc. All which is split by the number of mares entered for the farm grading, usually an extra £50-90 per each mare. If a mare is withdrawn after the closing date the farm grading cost will still be charged. Entry fees can be rolled onto 2024 unless accompanied by a vet certificate. As per rules and regulations. Entry fees paid by BACS only. Proof of payment by scan must be provided.

Vaccination policy

All horses must be fully vaccinated for Equine Influenza and proof will be required.
• An initial course of two injections for primary vaccination, not less than 21 days and not more than 92 days apart, are required before being eligible to be presented. A first booster injection must be given between 150 and 215 days after the second injection of primary vaccination.
• Subsequent booster injections must be given at regular intervals of not more than 12 months, commencing after the first booster injection.
• The full course or booster must have been administered at least seven days before the day of grading.

Board Members

The LSBSGB board is composed of individuals who are passionate about Lusitanos and dedicated to promoting the breed.

Members of the board include:
Sylvia Loch: Founder and Honorary President
Maria O'Hare: Chair, Director, and Show Team member
Rui Campeão: Director and Trainers Representative
Ida de Fouw: Director and Stud Book Secretary
Amanda Birch: Director, Breed Show Director and PR
Manda King : Director, Membership Secretary and Breed Show Secretary.



Become a Member

Becoming a member of the Lusitano Breed Society of Great Britain is a great way to connect with other Lusitano enthusiasts and access a range of benefits and services. Membership offers opportunities to learn more about the breed, participate in shows and training clinics, and stay up-to-date with the latest news and events. Becoming a member can help support the society's mission to promote and improve the Lusitano breed in the UK.


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Lusitano Breed Society Of Great Britain


Verified Listing

Onley Grounds Equestrian Complex, United Kingdom