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Liberty Training by Kenzie Dysli

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Learn Liberty Dressage with Kenzie Dysli

Kenzie Dysli shares her secrets of horsemanship that has enabled her to achieve extraordinary results with her horses. Great horsemanship is so much more than riding. Building that perfect partnership and deep connection with your horse is something we all dream of achieving. Kenzie is famous for her Liberty Dressage, and in these seminars she draws on her extensive experience to take you step by step through the basics of liberty dressage, to show you how to start working from the ground up with your horse. Are you ready to drop the ropes and reins in order to form a stronger connection with your horse through training? Kenzie Dysli offers a beginner module on liberty dressage as well as a seminar on circensic training.

About Kenzie Dysli

Kenzie Dysli is a renowned German-Spanish horse trainer who is specialized in liberty dressage as well as working equitation, Doma Vaquera, and western riding. She grew up in Spain and has been learning about horses since childhood from her parents Magda and Jean-Claude Dysli, a famous western rider. Kenzie also learned about horsemanship from Pat Parelli, known for his natural horsemanship, and Ismael Romero Arroyo, specialist for Alta Escuela and liberty dressage. It is no surprise though, that Kenzie considers her greatest teacher to be her first horse, James, who taught her the importance of patience and fairness in horse training. Now, Kenzie wants to impart those same lessons to beginner riders all over the world.


Learn the basics of liberty dressage with Kenzie Dysli

Liberty Training for Beginners

If you have no idea what liberty dressage is about or how to go about learning it, this online training module is the perfect place to start. Kenzie Dslie's online training videos are open to beginner riders who have no experience at all.. She will take you through how liberty dressage works in theory, and show you how to put it into practice in your own time. As long as you follow along with the video instructions, you will build a deeper, more trusting relationship with your horse.

Circensic Training

Are you and your horse looking to add some fun and variety in your daily routine? Kenzie Dysli’s online circensic training is the perfect way to bring back your sense of playfulness in the arena. Circensic training is a natural horse behavior, so this training course enables horses to learn more tricks, and grow their level of trust with their human partner. Circensic dressage teaches riders to read your horse better, and to pay attention to finer signals that often go unnoticed. It doesn’t matter where you are at in your level of riding, or your horse's abilities. Circus lessons will elevate your riding, and put the fun back in your saddle.


Add fun and variety to your horse routine with circensic lessons

What to Expect from Kenzie Dysli's Courses

Beginner Training in Liberty Dressage
This module will take you through the basics of liberty dressage you will need to start building a trusting and respectful relationship with your horse. You will get 12 months access to 6 videos and can set up a training schedule of 2-3 videos per week. Additionally, you will also be provided with 4 ebooks on liberty training theory for free. If you're unsure if this Beginner Training is suited for you, you can try the seminar for 14 days - and get all your money back!

Circensic Online Seminar
This module will take you through step by step instructions on how to teach your horse circensic lessons. You will get 12 months access to 21 detailed instruction videos of 13 circensic lessons starting from the very basics. Additionally, you will also be provided with 6 ebooks on circensic training theory for free. If you're unsure if circensic lessons are suited for you, you can try the seminar for 14 days - and get all your money back!


Liberty Training By Kenzie Dysli


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