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Kemer Country Club, Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey Verified Listing

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An Oasis of Adventure and Luxury

Hotel guests and club members at the Kemer Country Club enjoy the best of both, luxury and adventure, at their stay. With a world class Equestrian Club that is supported by the Turkish Equestrian Federation, as well as the International Federation for Equestrian Sports, this place proves to be nothing short of a horse-lovers paradise. From indoor and outdoor riding halls to dressage lessons, there is no shortage of facilities available at Kemer Country Club. The aspect of adventure is brought in through regular Equestrian competitions, as well as rides into the wilderness of the Belgrad forest. Not only this, but hotel guests and club members also enjoy an extremely luxurious stay, complete with all basic amenities, including cycling, golf, a spa, a wellness center and a buffet breakfast! For the perfect balance between thrilling equestrian activities and a calming hotel stay, Kemer Country Club proves to be the perfect solution.

Kemer’s Esteemed Equestrian Club

For equestrians and horse enthusiasts, Kemer Country Club has an Equestrian Club, competitions, and a Proshop. Facilities include an indoor riding hall of the Balkans, 3 tent riding halls, outdoor racing and dressage arenas, a forest horse-riding trail, 267 stables, paddocks, and private care services and stablesmen. Apart from this, the competitions in the club are held by the Turkish Equestrian Federation, one of the most popular ones being the Istanbul Horse Show. For those willing to learn, Kemer offers the Equestrian Academy for children, in which they are taught theoretical as well as practical horse riding knowledge, with fun activities and forest trails included.



Certified and Experienced Trainers:

The riding coaches at Kemer Country Club hold the highest level of coaching certification in Turkey and their students have won Balkan Championships in 2010, 2011 and 2013. With various national international prizes to their names, these trainers will be sure to give the correct guidance to guests and members.

Early Learning with the Pony Club

Lessons at the Pony Club are about learning in a fun environment. Participants are taught theoretical information, along with practicing proper sitting, riding, jumping and dressage. Forest trails and other activities are also included in order to make the learning process more interactive, diverse, and engaging. Though the environment may be fun, the results yield competition winners on a national and international level.



Things to do at Kemer Country Club

Kemer Country Club offers its guests and members everything they could hope for on a getaway. From indoor and outdoor swimming pools to golf and tennis, there is no shortage of activities to keep oneself occupied during the stay. Other facilities include a spa and wellness centre and a fitness center. There is also a buffet style breakfast every morning, and restaurants serve lunch and dinner as well. The on-site bar is a popular spot for guests to relax with a drink after a long day of fun-filled activities.



Kemer Country Club is located 41 kilometers away from Istanbul Ataturk Airport. The easiest route from the airport to the club is via the O-7, and should take about half an hour. Alternate routes include travelling via the E80 and Hasdal Kemerburgaz Yolu. An airport transfer service can be arranged for additional charges.

Kemer Country Club, Istanbul


Verified Listing

Istanbul, Turkey

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Pony Club

Kemer Country Club, Istanbul
Istanbul, Turkey
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Equestrian Academy Lesson

Kemer Country Club, Istanbul
Istanbul, Turkey
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Group Riding Lesson

Kemer Country Club, Istanbul
Istanbul, Turkey
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