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IRide Egypt

Giza, Egypt Verified Listing

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Your Gateway to Unforgettable Horseback Adventures

Galloping as the first and finest independent horseback riding team in Egypt, iRide Egypt was created with a clear mission: to share the enchantment of horseback riding with every Egyptian, bridging the gap between families and four-legged friends. Beyond just smiles, we're on a quest to spread horse affection and enlightenment, sending a resounding message across humanity's fields.

Listen closely, for horses have their own language – a rhythm that thrums in their hearts. We're here to decode it, teaching all how to harmonize with these majestic beings. Our riders journey from every corner of Egypt to rendezvous with our horses, soaking in the wisdom of the mane and the gentle nicker of understanding.

Join the ride, feel the rhythm, and let us carry you into the world of hoofed wonders.


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Our Mission

At iRide Egypt, our mission is simple: to spread the love for horseback riding among all Egyptians. We envision a rider in every Egyptian family, experiencing the thrill of horseback adventures while learning about responsible horsemanship and care.

Our Values

  • Passion: Horses are our heart and soul. Our passion drives us to provide exceptional horseback riding experiences that leave a lasting impact on riders.

  • Education: We believe in educating riders about responsible and ethical horse treatment. Our aim is to create a community of knowledgeable and compassionate horse lovers.

  • Safety: Rider safety and horse welfare are paramount. Our expert trainers ensure that every ride is not only thrilling but also secure for both riders and horses.

  • Adventure: We're not just about riding; we're about exploring. Our rides take you through diverse landscapes, giving you the chance to discover hidden gems and breathtaking views.


Sundown Trots

What We Offer

  • Horseback Riding: Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, our horseback riding experiences are tailored to match your skill level. From historical sites to serene lakeshores, our rides offer something for everyone.

  • Education: Learn the art of horseback riding from our expert trainers. We provide lessons that empower you to confidently handle and ride horses.

  • Photography: Capture your best moments with our cutting-edge photography services. We make sure your memories are beautifully preserved.

Explore Ancient Sites and Enchanting Landscapes

In the land where history and nature intertwine, our horseback rides offer a journey beyond the ordinary:

  • Begin with the majestic Giza, where the pyramids stand as silent witnesses to your adventure. As the sun casts its golden glow, you'll gallop through time, feeling the echoes of ancient civilizations beneath your horse's hooves.
  • Venture to the mystical allure of the Saqqara, where sands whisper secrets of the past. Canter alongside ancient tombs and storied monuments, feeling the weight of history mingling with the wind in your hair.
  • Fayyoum awaits, a canvas painted with lush oases and serene lakes. Here, nature's palette meets your equestrian spirit, guiding you through an oasis of tranquility that beckons to be explored on horseback.
  • Let the waves guide you to Portsaid, where the Mediterranean's azure embrace greets you. Feel the romance of coastal paths, the rhythmic symphony of tides harmonizing with your horse's rhythm.
  • Embrace the vibrant charm of the Dahab, where golden sands and turquoise waters create an unmatched backdrop. Traverse landscapes of both desert and sea, with every stride becoming a brushstroke in the masterpiece of your journey.

Whether it's the shadow of pyramids, the embrace of oases, the lull of coastal melodies, or the vivid hues of Dahab's magic – our rides knit these places together, inviting you to uncover Egypt's allure from the back of a noble steed. Saddle up, for in the heart of Egypt, equestrian dreams come true. 


Horsin' & Beachin'

Tailored Experiences for All Riders

For Beginners

Dive into the world of hooves step by step. Before you mount, we'll ensure you grasp the essentials. Learn to approach these majestic creatures and find your balance in the saddle's embrace.

Safety reigns supreme. We pair you not just with a horse, but with a companion for the trail. A harmony of hearts is our aim, calming both your nerves and your mount's spirit.

Fear has no place here. Our seasoned trainers will gently guide you and your equine friend past the barriers of worry. Watchful eyes stay close, swift to aid if needed.

For Professionals

Veterans of the saddle, we know your quest for the perfect ride. Having walked the path you tread, we promise an experience that surpasses expectations. Yet remember, riding free in deserts, mountains, and along shores is a symphony of its own. We'll sync your expertise with the terrain, a duet of mastery and nature.

Mastery doesn't clip your wings here. We'll assess your finesse, pairing you with a horse that understands the language of your touch.


Iride Egypt


Verified Listing

Giza, Egypt