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Ippos Horse Riding and Excursions

Molyvos, Greece Verified Listing

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A Cosy and Quaint Stable

Tucked away in the heart of Molyvos Village, Ippos promises to give you opportunities to explore the picturesque area on horseback. Ranging from rocky mountains to sandy beaches, the different riding terrains coupled with the scenic views will be an adventure you will never forget. This quaint stable has many kind, trustworthy and reliable horses, that will be fantastic partners in your exploration in the Greek countryside.

A Traditional Greek Village

Beyond being a scenic area with various terrains that can be ridden on, Molyvos is also an area with rich history and culture. Many houses in the area are modelled after traditional Turkish houses, evidenced by how the area is populated with magnificent stone houses and a majestic medieval castle. This sense of history and culture melds and blends nicely together with the relaxing but lively F&B scene near Ippos, where numerous tavernas, restaurants and even several bars are situated by the water.


Swim With The Horses

Horses and Hot Springs

An activity that one cannot miss out on when visiting Molyvos is taking a trip to the hot springs. Bath houses that were built in the 17th century, these hot springs are not only a chance for you to relax and unwind, but are also an extremely immersive experience, providing visitors with the opportunity to travel back to a time when frequenting bath houses was the norm. The hot springs, coupled with the leisurely ride to the bath houses, is a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Galloping Down a Local Race Track

What is an equestrian holiday without the chance to have an exhilarating gallop down a sandy bank? Here at Ippos Molyvos, visitors will be able to not only explore the areas around Ippos with rich history and culture, but will also be able to take their trusty steed down to the old racing track, and relive the experiences of those who had once raced here.


Have Fun with Your Friends

Itineraries of 7-Day Programmes

Advanced Programme

Day 1: Get acquainted with your horse, introductory meeting and lesson.

Day 2: Excursion to Bafios (4hrs in the saddle, 20klm). This trip goes along the sandy roads of Molyvos to Bafios, which has an amazing scenery of hills and mountains. There will be a short stop at a local café for a drink.

Day 3: Swimming day with horses (if the weather permits). Otherwise, there will be an excursion to the beach. It is a 3-hour ride to the village of Petra.

Day 4: Excursion to Molyvos Race track (2hrs in the saddle). You will explore the back roads of Molyvos, passing by the local race track for a gallop.

Day 5: Excursion to Petra (4hrs in the saddle). There will be a guided tour via the back roads of Molyvos to Petra, where there are steep hills, passing through archeological sites of ancient watermills, and rivers that run all year round. There will be a short break at the tavern of Petra for refreshments.

Day 6: Excursion to Skala Sikamnia (6hrs in the saddle). This is a day trip, starting in the morning, firstly passing through the sandy coast road passing by Eftalou hot spring waters. You will arrive at Skala Sikaminia in the afternoon where there will be a stop for lunch, and a chance to swim in the sea and explore the harbor village until the late afternoon where you will take the same route to go back to Molyvos.

Day 7: Day off. Lessons available at the yard

Beginners Programme

Day 1: Arrival, welcome letter in hotel, intro of the week at the yard

Day 2: Getting acquainted with the horses, Lesson 1

Day 3: Lesson 2

Day 4: Lesson 3

Day 5: Lesson 4 and a small hack in the area (45mins)

Day 6: Swimming with the horses (2hr hack)


Private Transfer

Private Transfer provided by our staff at Ippos is available at 70 EUR per transfer.


Molyvos is a 1 hour taxi ride from the airport of Militini a taxi, costing €90.

Ippos Horse Riding And Excursions


Verified Listing

Molyvos, Greece

Activities at facility


1 Hour Tour to The Church of 'Agia Fotia'

Ippos Horse Riding and Excursions
Molyvos, Greece
EUR 65.00

7-Day Riding Excursion (Advanced Package)

Ippos Horse Riding and Excursions
Molyvos, Greece
EUR 1,100.00

7-Day Riding Excursion (Beginners' Package)

Ippos Horse Riding and Excursions
Molyvos, Greece
EUR 700.00