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Horses & Hieroglyphs

Luxor, Egypt Verified Listing

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Discover Egypt on Horseback

Experience the sights and wonders of ancient Egypt on well-mannered and forward going horses, most of whom are rescued. Led by the team of Horses & Hieroglyphs, whose local guides are passionate about working with horses and leading tours. They know Luxor like the back of their hand and will ensure that every ride is one you'll never forget!

Riding Holidays at Horses & Hieroglyphs (H&H)

Annmarie, an engineer from USA was on a riding holiday in Egypt with a friend. Little did she know, this holiday she will fall in love with her Egyptian guide and call Egypt home. Now as husband and wife and business partners, they run all inclusive riding holidays at H&H offering you the chance to experience Egypt on rescued horses. Most of the horses at H&H have been helped from difficult situations and rehabilitated. They are forward going and responsive with impressive stamina for long days in the saddle.


Desert Riding

"Baladi" Horses

The horses at H&H are Egyptian or “Baladi” horses, the local breed commonly found across Egypt. Baladi horses are native to Egypt but have mixed bloodlines with Arabian and European influences. They are spirited, quick, and versatile.


Ancient Ruins of Egypt

Holidays that Combine the best of Riding and Sight Seeing

Horses & Hieroglyphs offers 4 different tours over a duration of 5, 7, 8 or 12 days and these tours run from September to May.

Join the 5 days Magic of Luxor tour and travel back in time to the ancient city of Thebes. Ride through history, relax on the banks of the Nile, and immerse yourself in the local culture and the magic of Luxor.

Escape into the desert on the 7 day tour which will take you galloping beside the Pyramids of Giza and camping deep in the desert in Luxor. For the adventurous rider, this one is not to be missed!

To experience best of Cairo and Luxor, join the 8 days Ancient Adventures tour where you spend most of your time riding and enjoy once-in-a-lifetime sight-seeing.

The 12 days Pyramids & Valleys tour offers you a well-rounded holiday balanced with long days in the saddle and unforgettable cultural experiences. You will explore Cairo and Luxor both on and off the horses.



Pickup is from Luxor International Airport (LXR) or Cairo International Airport (CAI), depending on the tour. We recommend arriving in the afternoon or earlier on the first day. However, we understand if this is not possible and we can still accommodate other travel plans. We’ll be in touch with you after booking to get your flight details so we can make arrangements for your arrival.

For tours that start in Cairo and end in Luxor, you will need to book your own transfer flight. Flights between Cairo and Luxor operate at various times daily. The following flight time(s) should be booked:

Transfer Day: 6 pm flight from Cairo International Airport (CAI) to Luxor International Airport (LXR)

Last Day of Tour: If you booked a roundtrip ticket to and from Cairo, we recommend booking a roundtrip flight between Cairo and Luxor as well. When picking your Luxor departure flight, make sure to plan enough time between arriving in Cairo and your Cairo departure time. We advise giving yourself at least 3 hours in case of delays.

Horses & Hieroglyphs


Verified Listing

Luxor, Egypt

Activities at facility


Pyramids & Valleys - 12 Days

Horses & Hieroglyphs
Luxor, Egypt
USD 3,195.00

Magic of Luxor - 5 Days

Horses & Hieroglyphs
Luxor, Egypt
USD 995.00

Ancient Adventures - 8 Days

Horses & Hieroglyphs
Luxor, Egypt
USD 2,395.00