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Horse India

Narlai, Rajasthan, India Verified Listing

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Homeland of the Marwaris

At Jodha Stud, you’ll get to experience from the inside the horse culture of magical Rajasthan. You’ll soak in the rich history, culture, forts and palaces from the back of a light footed and pleasant to ride Marwari Horse. Feel like you’re stepping back in time, retracing the old routes through the forest of the Aravalli Hills, the sand dunes of the Thar Desert, and through the middle of the notorious “Golden Triangle.” The blue city of Jodhpur, the lake city of Udaipur, and the pink city of Jaipur are all within easy reach.

Rajasthan a land of history and culture

You’ll be sure to have an unforgettable adventure exploring Rajasthan on the backs of one of these Marwari horses. Rajasthan is a state in Northern India, known for its beautiful golden sand deserts and rich cultural heritage. You’ll be able to discover the Aravalli Hills, a lush mountain range, the dances in the clouds and the sand dunes of Thar Desert, which will make you feel like you’re stepping on set to a movie.


Wonderful Marwaris

Caroline and Ajeet, the owners, are passionate about these horses and will be eager to share their knowledge and stories about them with their guests. The name Marwari, is derived from their homeland, the Marwar region of Rajasthan, India. These incredible creatures are bred to cover long distances in intense heat at good speed and have strong limbs and hooves. They’ve been described as beautiful and intelligent as well as brave and adaptable because of their history being war horses. Of course, the breed is instantly recognizable by their ears, with their unique curly lyre shape, touching at the tip and giving them their unique look.

For the Love of these horses

When riding with Horse India, you can partake in a bit donation scheme, a horse welfare project that provides owners of indigenous horses with bits that are kinder to their mouths. Many of these magical Marwaris are ridden with homemade intricately decorated bits that are sharp and can cause immense suffering. Often, the owner's choice to use such a painful bit, comes from a place of lack of education on the matter horse tack that is both effective and safe to use. By donating conventional horse bits, it is promoting a sense of good horsemanship and preservation of these beautiful animals.


Stays too

Jodha Stud offers several options of rides every year. Some have a fixed date and last up to two weeks (they are best for solo travellers) and others can be scheduled any time outside of the monsoon season in July and August. These anytime rides can be organised for as little as two riders, offering wonderful flexibility to our Guests. Jodha Stud also offers stays at the farm for a plunge into life in rural India as well as torch lit dinners where guests will be treated to a parade of fully.



Location, Jodha Stud Nr Sonana Khetlaji Temple P.O Narlai Dist. Pali 306703 Rajasthan INDIA. Often, clients fly into International airports of Delhi or Mumbai and take an internal flight from there to the ride start and return internal flight from ride end.


Maharana Pratap Airport Udaipur

Horse India


Verified Listing

Narlai, Rajasthan, India

Activities at facility


Evening Torchlit Dinner at the Stables (6pm to 9pm)

Horse India
Narlai, Rajasthan, India
GBP 200.00

Palace to Palace Ride

Horse India
Narlai, Rajasthan, India
GBP 2,495.00

The 8 Day Leopard Trail

Horse India
Narlai, Rajasthan, India
GBP 2,495.00