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Varmahlíð, Skagafjörður, Iceland Verified Listing

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Feed your Wanderlust on the Back of an Icelandic Horse

Discover the breath-taking beauty of Iceland from between the ears of a stunning Icelandic horse when you take a riding tour with Hestasport Activity Tours.
Take in the abundance of volcanoes, waterfalls and glaciers that the Land of Fire and Ice is so famous for. An adventure in Iceland can take you on a spectacular glacier hike or a dip in a geothermal lagoon but if you’re a horse lover you should add a horseback riding tour to your list!
A tour here is made even more special with an exclusive ride on the native Icelandic horse. Try out its specialty move, the tölt, over smooth fields or visit the scenic waterfall Reykjafoss. There is no better way to take in the beautiful landscape and views of Iceland than on the back of a friendly Icelandic horse.

Be Enchanted by The Unique Icelandic Horse

The Icelandic horse has been an integral part of Icelandic life since the very beginning, appearing in old Norse mythology as well as famous Icelandic Sagas.
The Icelandic horse has been purebred for over 1000 years and there are around 80,000 horses on the island. As the only breed in Iceland, this small sturdy horse is known for its friendly personality, its unique colour variations and of course, its fifth gait/tölt way of walking. The tölt is a way of riding where three of the horses’ legs touch the ground at the same time to create a more stable and even pace resulting in a comfortable jaunt for the rider. Take a ride with an Icelandic horse and be inspired by its well-balanced character, compliance, strength and endurance.


Horseback Adventure

Enjoy a Guided Tour Through Scenic Icelandic Beauty

Immerse yourself in Icelandic nature with Hestasport Activity Tours. Their experienced guides will be at your side leading you through rivers, climbing up and down steep mountains, tölting over smooth fields or visiting the scenic waterfall “Reykjafoss”. There is no better way to explore the beautiful landscape than on horseback.
Hestasport offers a wide variety of tours to suit anyone no matter their experience. From first-time riders to fanatical horse enthusiasts, you will take in magnificent views overlooking the vast plains and mountains of the Skagafjörður valley while staying in beautiful Icelandic cottages. Experience the serenity of Northern Iceland and fill your days with endless possibilities for adventure.

Rejuvenate in a Calming Hilltop Retreat

During your tour, unwind in the cosy hilltop cottages complete with hot tub. Suitable for all group sizes choose from studio-style bungalows for 2-4 people to spacious multi-room retreats. From the hot tub at the centre of the well-maintained cottage site you can enjoy the golden light of the midnight sun or watch the spectacular northern lights glimmering across the sky.


Northern Lights

Feel Captivated by the Northern Lights on Horseback

What better way to experience the enchanting Aurora Borealis, Northern Lights, than on horseback whilst riding through the rustic Icelandic wilderness. Just one of the many breath-taking experiences you can expect from a ride with Hestasport Activity Tours.



Skagafjarđarvegur, Iceland, Iceland


Akureyri Airport

Hestasport Activity Tours


Verified Listing

Varmahlíð, Skagafjörður, Iceland

Activities at facility


4 Day Mountain Challenge

Hestasport Activity Tours
Varmahlíð, Skagafjörður, Iceland
EUR 867.75

4 Day Sheep Roundup

Hestasport Activity Tours
Varmahlíð, Skagafjörður, Iceland
EUR 1,068.00

Off We Go! Full Day Riding Trail

Hestasport Activity Tours
Varmahlíð, Skagafjörður, Iceland
EUR 177.00