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Heart to Hand Pony Interaction

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Understanding and Communicating with Horses & Ponies

At Heart to Hand Ponies, our mission is to create positive and enriching experiences for both humans and horses within a safe and supportive learning environment. Our approach is centered on observing and comprehending equine behavior, needs, and communication methods. We believe in recognizing horses as sentient beings, similar to ourselves, and strive to interact with them honestly, respectfully, and empathetically.

Meet Our Ponies

We have the pleasure of caring for four wonderful ponies, all native to Britain. Jock and Teri, hailing from the Scottish Highlands, are Highland ponies, a rare breed cherished by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Aragorn, a Welsh X Coloured horse, was born in Wales, and Cloud is a Connemara from Ireland. These ponies live together in a herd on a 'Paddock Paradise' inspired track system designed to enhance their well-being while providing a delightful space for human interaction. We enjoy educating people about equine needs in a way that fosters a stronger bond between humans and horses.


Track Life

Interaction Sessions

Our interaction sessions are tailored to the specific needs and interests of individuals or groups. Here's what we offer:

  • Presence: Spend quality time with an individual horse or a herd of horses.

  • Equine Care: Learn about and participate in horse care and track system management.

  • Horsemanship: Master various aspects of horsemanship.

  • Personal Growth: Discover personal enhancement through horse-related activities, such as leadership and boundary setting.

  • Partnership Building: Engage in partnership-based activities like Horse Agility, Hide & Seek, Treasure Hunting, and other mentally stimulating games.

  • Touch Therapy: Experience the benefits of touching horses through activities like stroking, grooming, mane plaiting, and massage therapy.

Horse Agility

We are members of the International Horse Agilty Club and Cathy is a qualified HA instructor. We offer opportunities for people to learn how best to partenr with horses to carry out tasks that must, as times, seem peculiar to the horse. In so doing we enhance the trust in the partnership while building confidence in the horse. 


Heart to Hand Ponies

Join Us

You're warmly invited to join us in sharing space with our ponies, practicing the art of communication with them, and experiencing the magic of our equine companions. We look forward to welcoming you to Heart to Hand Ponies.

Horse Agility As proud members of the International Horse Agility Club, we offer opportunities for individuals to learn how to collaborate with horses in carrying out tasks that may seem peculiar to these noble animals. Through these activities, we enhance trust in the partnership and boost the horse's confidence.


Heart To Hand Pony Interaction


Verified Listing

Diss, United Kingdom