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Hacienda del Chalán

Urubamba, Peru Verified Listing

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Gallop Through the Peruvian Countryside

At Hacienda Del Chalan, you have the opportunity to experience the Peruvian countryside on horseback. Ride through mountains and across breathtaking sceneries of lakes, rivers and the lush green surroundings. Riding during your stay at this family-run hacienda can be the perfect getaway for you.

The Peruvian Horse

With a good height and balance, the Peruvian horse is the perfect companion for long trail-rides across the mountainous landscape of Peru. Along with being graceful and elegant, this breed of horses is known to fare extremely well on trail rides and longer excursions, so you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands while you take in the beauty of your surroundings and enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride.


Countryside Exploration

Experience Ancient Cultures Along the Way

One of the most exciting parts about riding with Hacienda del Chalan is experiencing the rich ancient Andean culture as you ride through villages and ruins of civilizations that once were. Many of the rides take you through regions that were populated by the Pre-Inka and Inka civilizations from the mid-15th to mid-16th centuries. You will find yourself riding through their tombs and villages and acquainting yourself with the history of the area. If you find yourself intrigued by different cultures and their ways of life, a ride with Hacienda Del Chalan is a great way to experience this firsthand.

The Beautiful Manthanay Reserve

When riding with Hacienda Del Chalan, you can also expect to ride across the Mathanay Reserve, which leads you to a beautiful lake. All through the ride, you will be on a trail with an unmatched view of the Andes. Nothing sounds more delightful than enjoying lunch by a lake after a long trail ride through the Andes, with a postcard view of the mountains to gaze at as you eat.


Mesmerising Terrains



From Alejandro Velasco Astete Cusco International Airport (CUZ) it is a 16 min (5.6 km) drive to Hacienda Del Chalan via Av Velasco Astete.

Hacienda Del Chalán


Verified Listing

Urubamba, Peru

Activities at facility


Moray/Salinas Full Day Ride

Hacienda del Chalán
Urubamba, Peru
USD 160.00

5 Day Paradise Odyssey

Hacienda del Chalán
Urubamba, Peru
USD 1,947.00

2 Day VIP Sacred Valley Experience

Hacienda del Chalán
Urubamba, Peru
USD 1,245.00