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Global Equus

São Paulo, Brazil Verified Listing

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Increase your Confidence When You Learn at Global Equus

Renowned Brazillian veterinarian, coach and equine expert teaches his Horsemanship methods to achieve harmony with horses. Ranging from horse anatomy , physiology to equine behavior, the program at Global Equus is like none other in Brazil. Located near São Paulo, Global Equus offer innovative solutions to the equestrian market, contributing to sustainable development, adding value, innovation and excellence to the services provided, always committed to ethical principles and above all with respect for the animal.

Enjoy Excellent Innovative Services

Created in 2005 by partners Dr. Fernando Rolim and Maria Dalva Rolim, Global Equus provides the equestrian market with excellent innovative services. Internationally known for teaching people to communicate with equines, respecting their physical and mental integrity and, most importantly, their nature. Driven by this passion, Fernando and Maria Dalva work continuously creating opportunities for working with horses and mules, such as the preparation of teaching materials, lectures, workshops and courses.



Learn from Wonderful, Knowledgeable Trainers

Fernando Rolim is a coach, horse trainer, veterinarian, lecturer and instructor, specialized in equine behavior and in the (Equusmanship). He is a professional coach member Vox Veritas Vita of the Brazilian Coaching Society. For 20 years Fernando has been training people. He is responsible for training more than 15,000 certified students who use his methods of training horses without violence. Achieving global acclaim, he is the first Brazilian to demonstrate his horse training techniques at Equitana, the largest equestrian fair in the world.

Maria Rolim is an entrepreneur, president of Enterprise Logistics. At Global Equus she acts as a coach and facilitator in the training of leaders with Horses in a High impact program for people's lives. Her methodology relies on the help of horses to develop communication skills, self-confidence, self- knowledge, focus, patience and persistence. Maria was a speaker at TEDx Woman São Paulo in 2015.





Estrada do Embú, 1550 - Moinho Velho, Cotia - SP, 06713-100, Brazil


Sao Paulo International Airport

Global Equus


Verified Listing

São Paulo, Brazil

Activities at facility


Horse Handler Course Level 1 (7 Days)

Global Equus
São Paulo, Brazil
SGD 192.35

Trail Ride in Mangalarga Marchador (Minimum 2 Days - Horses all Included)

Global Equus
São Paulo, Brazil
SGD 695.00

Equusmanship Course Level 2 (2 Days)

Global Equus
São Paulo, Brazil
SGD 1,043.00