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South Tyrol, Italy Verified Listing

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The ultimate Mountain Riding Experience

A spectacular setting rich in local history makes Gauberg a luxury destination for horse lovers. For six days riders will travel through the Dolomites, absorbing the beauty and simplicity of nature. Horse and rider will be challenged to navigate along pathways and across mountain summits, to be rewarded in breath-taking views. Riders will experience the true adjustability of the Halfinger when carefully navigating rugged terrain at points, and cantering through rolling pastures at other times. These routes showcase the best of the culture and hospitality of the South Tyrol, as well as the extraordinary qualities of the native Haflinger breed.

Extraordinary Dolomites

Located in northeastern Italy, the Dolomites are on the South side of the Alps, a vast mountain range featuring some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Sheer cliffs, vertical walls, and long, rolling valleys are just some of the incredible sites visitors will absorb. There’s also glacial landforms and karst systems, making this a unique experience. Gauberg was born to reveal the dramatic landscape of Northern Italy from horseback.


Lovable Haflingers

The Horses

The Haflinger breed is very recognizable for its unique golden chestnut coloring with a long, flowing white mane and tail. Tracing back to the Middle Ages, they have been used as pack and draft horses as well as in the military and finally, for sports and leisure. They are strong, loyal, powerful and people loving. They are made for the mountains, sure footed and agile, they will safely help riders navigate difficult terrain, as well as canter smoothly through the pastures. Haflingers are very adjustable and riders will notice how hardy they are, especially when encountering steep mountain sides or rocky sections of the trail. This breed native to Austria and the Italian alps is absolutely perfect for this long and demanding trek.

Our Guides (Alberto and Marcos) & the Accommodation

Alberto, Founder and Guide

Grandson of an Italian Cavalry Captain, he would follow his uncle and cousin on horse-treks through the Alps. He spent four years in Patagonia living as, and with, the gauchos of Southern Argentina, working on the mountains as a back-up guide in areas on accessible on horseback.

Marcos, Guide

Gaucho Argentino was practically born on the back of a horse! He has trained horses all his life and for 10 years he has prepared some of the best polo horses in the world that you now see whizzing in the Cancha 1 of Palermo-Buenos Aires. He will be your backup guide up here.


Luisa & Markus Almhotel
Comfort and innovation in the warmest Alpine style. Rooms are doubles or singles and wellness at your disposal.

Bruno & Silvia Hütte
A cozy hut in the heart of the Dolomites managed by a young couple that will make you feel at home. Great company and homemade food. Rooms are double rooms.

Zöggeler Hütte
Alpine tradition in its purest form. Luis and his family are waiting for you at 2500m in one of the most special places you’ve ever been. Accommodation is in a traditional room, where the simplicity and warmth of hospitality will make you never want to leave.


Not for the faint of heart!

Ride & Additional Info

While a majority of the trek is from the back of a horse, visitors will get to experience the local history behind Gauberg, while staying in rugged but luxurious mountain cabins and enjoy artisanal, traditional meals made with local products. Italians are serious about their food and this is a place where you’ll get the best alpine fare.

Gauberg accepts experienced and fit Riders only
- Weight limit is 85kg
- Length of the ride is 2-8 hours a day
- Maximum of 4 guests
- Riding in the heart of the Dolomites is predominantly slow due to the steep exposed climbs and rocky narrow descents
- The saddle is an Italian Trekker based on a military saddle, light and comfortable for both horse and rider

How to get there

Fly to Venezia Marco Polo Airport. This is a wonderful city so we advise you stay here for a couple of nights either before or after the trip. Our driver will pick you up at the arrivals on Saturday at 12.30h.

Other options could be:
- Innsbruck Airport (Austria) or Bolzano Airport (pretty small, please check with your flight company)
- Driving to Campitello di Fassa (Trento), we’ll suggest you a garage where to leave your car (this has an extra cost of 30,00€ per day);
- Helicopter service to/from airports is available with an additional cost (please check with us in advance)

Please Note:
- We will accept children but they must be competent riders and hikers
- A soft bag is preferable to a hard case suitcase
- Single Supplement is possible only at Luisa & Markus Almhotel, where we’re staying for 3 nights out of 5; additional cost is 285,00€ per person.
- It is not compulsory to wear a hard riding hat. However, GAUBERG does not provide it. If you wish to wear one, please bring your own



Northern Italy, in the Dolomites.


Venice Marco Polo Airport



Verified Listing

South Tyrol, Italy