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Foundation First Equestrian Centre

HELSTON, United Kingdom Verified Listing

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Ingela Larsson Smith

Internationally renowned horsemanship instructor Ingela Larsson Smith is coming to Cornwall! Ingela has spent most of her life as a student of the horse. She will be sharing some of the things she has learned that help create a strong and connected relationship between a horse and his human. Her courses are truly life-changing, and every minute is packed with amazing insights on how to be the kind of person your horse will want to be with.

3-Day Clinic, from 15th to 17th July

On the first day of the course you and your horse will have the rare opportunity to have a semi-private lesson with Ingela. This will allow her to correctly gauge your development needs so that you are optimally prepared for the following two days of group lessons.
Ingela will evaluate the relationship between you and your horse. This will include things like discovering how your horse sees you, deepening your communication with each other, clearing up misunderstandings, resolving trust issues and other problems, and growing a deeper connection in the partnership. Your lessons will be individualized for your needs.

Is this course for you? Definitely.
If you love horses, you will not want to miss this opportunity as Ingela does not come to the UK very often.


Ingela Larsson Smith

Foundation First

Foundation First equestrian centre is located 2 miles away from UK’s most Southerly point on the Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall. With spectacular views, and stunning scenery, the Lizard Peninsula is a designated area of outstanding natural beauty.


Indoor Arena


Foundation First Equestrian Centre


Verified Listing

HELSTON, United Kingdom