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Vashlovani National Park, Georgia Verified Listing

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An Empowering Equine Retreat in Georgia

Join FeelQuest Retreats on a one of a kind healing journey away from all the stressors of life with a herd of 70 beautiful Tushetian horses that will help you relax, heal, and unlock your true potential. Use this special week on vast, endless lands to get in touch with your inner nature and find out what is holding you back. The program activities are designed to let you experience the enormous benefits of horse therapy.

What to Expect from FeelQuest in Georgia

FeelQuest Retreats aims to provide you with a unique experience interacting with horses in a way you’ve never imagined before. Join FeelQuest Retreats this fall to experience Georgian hospitality, dive into a journey of self-empowerment and self-growth, and let the space inside you be filled with strength and confidence. Get away from crowded cities, declutter your thoughts and emotions, and return to your own inner nature and strength. With a mix of Horse Guided Empowerment coaching sessions, meditations in nature, nature walks and shared experiences, this trip will allow you to confidently take the next steps in your career or life.



Feel Empowered!

All the FeelQuest retreats are designed to equip you with the tools you need to take on the challenges in your life and find the right answers. You’ll find yourself feeling stronger, more self-aware, and more confident about dealing with the trials and tribulations of daily life. This is what horses are for! Within the therapeutic environment of the retreat and under the supervision of trained practitioners, you will experience contact with horses that can help you process your emotions and access your inner strength. Horses are kind, sensitive animals with keen sensory abilities that give them heightened awareness of their surroundings. This energy, in turn, can help us humans focus on our emotions and the nature around us, as well as bring a sense of awareness to how we live our lives. And awareness is the first step towards change.

FeelQuest’s Previous Menorca Island Retreat

FeelQuest Retreats conducted a successful trip to Menorca Island, where they helped participants connect with a herd of Spanish horses through various activities such as horse guided empowerment, reiki, tai chi, meditation, sound healing, and new moon rituals. Menorca itself is a cozy, tranquil little island in the Mediterranean Sea and is a beautiful place for a retreat. FeelQuest Retreats is not only experienced in taking you on an unforgettable healing journey with horses but they also have the knowledge to pick out the perfect places for that journey. Make sure not to miss out on the once in a lifetime experience of a FeelQuest retreat!



The Peaceful Retreat to Vashlovani National Park

Vashlovani National Park is a spectacularly beautiful swathe of land that contains some of Georgia’s most unique and diverse landscapes. It features narrow canyons and jagged peaks, expansive savanna dotted with pistachio trees, bubbling mud volcanoes, barren plateaus, forested mountains, and a snaking river, making it a wonderful place for a retreat into nature. The accommodation will be at the owner of the horse herd Soso Shetidzes’ farm.

On this retreat you can expect:

Day 1: You will arrive in Tbilisi and stay in the Terrace Boutique Hotel (although you are free to book any hotel of your choice). You can spend time checking out the main sights in Tbilisi such as the old town, Mtatsminda, old fortress, Sioni Church, Gorgasali statue, etc. At 6 pm, we will have a welcome circle on the rooftop terrace of the Terrace Boutique Hotel.
Day 2: You will be picked up from your hotel at around 10 am and be driven to the small Kachetian town of Dedoplistskaro. There, you will register for the National Park at administration and also visit the local family Marani (winery of Nasrashvili family). Then you will be served lunch and transfer to Soso’s farm in Vashlovani National Park. After getting settled at Sosos farm, you will take part in a welcome meditation and greeting of the horses. The day will end with a welcome dinner and an overnight stay at Soso’s guesthouse.
Day 3: On the third day, you will set intentions for the retreat and spend time getting to know yourself and the horses. Afterwards, you will be served lunch and get some free time. Then you will take part in afternoon ground activities with the horses to focus on your strengths. After that, there will be sunset meditation, dinner, and a bonfire and sharing circle to end the day.
Day 4: You will start the day by taking part in coaching work with the horse herd (with the possibility for private coaching). After lunch and free time, you will spend the afternoon working on your dreams and goals with the horse herd. The day will end with dinner and spending the evening together as a group.
Day 5: You will start the day by taking part in coaching work with the horse herd to focus on changing beliefs (with the possibility for private coaching). After lunch and free time, you can spend the afternoon either with a horse ride or private coaching. The day will end with dinner and spending the evening together as a group.
Day 6: On the sixth day, you will spend time reflecting on the new you and how to move forward in life. After lunch and free time, you will take part in a closing circle in the afternoon and then end your last day at Soso’s farm with a farewell dinner (traditional Georgian Supra).
Day 7: You will transfer back to Tbilisi after breakfast with a stop at Elia Monastery, where you can enjoy the fantastic views of Alazani Valley and a visit to Sighnaghi wine town in the wine region on the way. We will use this visit to slowly regress to civilization and reflect on how to integrate our new learnings into our old life. After lunch and arrival at Tbilisi, you will take part in a farewell dinner with the group at 7 pm, and then spend the night at the hotel of your choice.
Day 8: You will be transferred and dropped off at the airport and take an individual flight back home.



You can fly to Tbilisi, Georgia where the group will meet and start the journey together. After a night in the city we are being transported to Sosos farm in Vashlovani National Park where you will stay 5 nights and then return to Tbilisi.

Feelquest Retreats


Verified Listing

Vashlovani National Park, Georgia