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Eureka Horse Wisdom

Moss Vale, Australia Verified Listing

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"Where horses bring unconditional love, learning and healing together."

Eureka Horse Wisdom, based in the NSW Southern Highlands, was founded by Soo Woods in 2014. Soo has since worked with the energy of the land to craft a property and facilities that make both people and horses feel at home, relaxed and open to change.

Soo's mission is: "To offer people opportunities to find calm and to support self-healing through extraordinary, exceptional learning experiences with horses".

​​Eureka also offers spelling (paddock agistment) to a limited number of horses on the beautiful 106-acre property located 10 minutes from Moss Vale.

Services offered at Eureka

The aim of all services offered at Eureka is to support people through interaction with horses and nature. There are now many studies reporting the critical need and importance for humans to make time to be in nature and away from our stressful urban environments.

Soo offers unique experiences that benefit both people and horses, which vary from MEET ‘N GREET and MINDFULNESS through to more therapeutic offerings of EQUINE THERAPY and EQUINE REIKI. (More info below - 'Care for/Interact with the EHW herd', 'Mindfulness with Horses', 'Experience the magic and calm of the Eureka horses' and 'Equine Reiki' respectively.)

Soo is always happy to tailor an experience to your unique needs.

Accommodation is also available on site at The Stables.

The primary intention is to help people return to nature, to spend time with animals, plants, insects - just as our ancestors did. Our modern world with its fast pace and high use of technology has caused us to disconnect from our origins. This disconnection results in anxiety, depression, mental health concerns, failing physical health and more.

Do yourself and your loved ones a favour and commit to spending time at Eureka to reboot and recharge your senses. Come for an hour, a day, a night, or a week. One of the most common comments from visitors is the sense of peace and calm they feel as they come through the front gates!


Horse Meet 'N Greet

Equine Therapy

Equine Therapy with the herd at Eureka offers unique interactive experiences with our calm, non-judgmental, peaceful and wise horses. Sessions are personalised and offer healing and ways to improve your wellbeing, support personal change and growth and help you learn more about yourself.

While Soo is a registered and qualified counsellor, and is also trauma trained, she is not a medical specialist and does not diagnose, categorise, judge, advise, assess or fix!

The goal at Eureka is to support you in finding ways so that you can self-heal. Sessions may have a more spiritual or somatic aspect depending on your needs and interests.

Horses have extremely large and sensitive guts and hearts which mean they have very big resonant surfaces for receiving and responding to emotional information. Clinical research has shown that being in close proximity to horses changes human brain wave patterns and heart rate.

It is also known that triggering the release of oxytocin, our 'trust' hormone, can help induce feelings of optimism, increase self-esteem and potentially also help people with mood disorders and PTSD.

Equine Reiki

All members of the herd at Eureka are born Reiki Masters. Combined with Soo, not only a certified Tanran Reiki Practitioner, but also part-horse and herd matriarch; you have a very powerful healing platform.

Equine Reiki sessions at Eureka Horse Wisdom offer healing to people. You can be seated, lie on the table or stand; the choice is completely yours.


Equine Reiki

Why Horses?

With their magnetic beauty and large physical size, horses have attracted mankind for centuries. They are predominately prey animals which means their senses are extremely developed. This means they read things about us we may be unaware of and, through their reactions, can help us learn about ourselves and often heal.

They can hear our heart beat from many metres and will react to the slightest changes within us. They don't care what we say or wear. They offer us unconditional love and support. They live in the moment and as such are perfect teachers of mindfulness ~ and a whole load more!

Participants in our programs have to step up to learn. The parallels between horses and us give us the ability to parallel everything that happens during sessions to real life so that what you learn really sticks. Working with horses creates memories that we can apply to our lives and retain far longer than sitting in 'just another classroom'.



Eureka Horse Wisdom is located in the beautiful Southern Highlands in NSW.
- It is 135 Kms (1.5hours) South of Sydney via the M1;
- 10 mins to Moss Vale (NSW);
- 20 mins (20 kms) from Bowral, Bundanoon or Kangaroo Valley (NSW);
- 60 mins from Wollongong, 45 mins to Nowra.

Eureka Horse Wisdom


Verified Listing

Moss Vale, Australia

Activities at facility


3D/2N Weeknight Stay - (Customizable Experience) - For 2 Guests - Twin share

Eureka Horse Wisdom
Moss Vale, Australia
AUD 425.00

Equine Reiki - 50 mins

Eureka Horse Wisdom
Moss Vale, Australia
AUD 245.00

Care for and Interact with the Herd - 60 mins

Eureka Horse Wisdom
Moss Vale, Australia
AUD 100.00