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Estancia Mercedes

Puerto Natales, Patagonia, Chile Verified Listing

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Saddle Up for a Working Ranch Gaucho Experience at Estancia Mercedes

The Iglesias family warmly welcomes guests on their working ranch where they have been living for generations. They have made sustainable tourism and the preservation of their culture their mission. A stay at Estancia Mercedes is a welcoming and comfortable experience where you can enjoy untouched nature. Feel like part of the family and get a real taste of life on a ranch, the Estancia can only accommodate 8 guests at a time. Make the most of the close-knit feel and embrace this rustic stay at what is both a family home and an Estancia. You will be surrounded by the reality of these Chilean Gauchos’ lives and will hear their stories about the bond they have with their land. Here you will make memories that will last a lifetime and experience a horse holiday like no other.

Unwind in the Patagonian Wilderness

At Estancia Mercedes, the beauty is in the remote wilderness. Take in the astonishing views of fjords and mountains and feel like you’re at the end of the earth. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the light and the changing climate and discover Puerto Natales, the gateway to Torres Del Paine National Park. Even though the estancia is remote and nestled in a secluded setting it is relatively easy to reach. It is accessed by boat, followed by a 1-hour drive on a dirt road. Getting there is already part of the adventure, and the absence of a phone or internet signal will only add to this special experience.


Take a ride on the wild side

Take a Ride on the Wild Side

The best way to move around and experience the wilderness from up close is of course on horseback. The rides offered will take you see the great condors at Cerro Mirador or the cascades at Cerro de Los Turbales. In season, you can also partake in the extraordinary yearly cattle roundup with the help of the family’s numerous dogs and witness the marking of the calves in true Patagonian tradition.

The Bagualeo: An Extreme Experience of a Lifetime

If you enjoy roughing it to experience how extremely hard and remote the lives of these gauchos can be now, almost like they were a century ago, the Bagualeo is for you. You will follow these men in extremely remote wilderness as they try to catch semi-wild heads of cattle, often bulls that have been living without human interference for many years. This is one of those ‘once in a lifetime’ experiences taking place in one of the most remote places on earth. An experience of a lifetime not to be missed.


Hiking, nature walks and organic farming

Enjoy a Bespoke Hiking Tour

When you’re having some time off the horse, the Estancia also offers an array of hiking adventures where you can explore the surrounding landscapes. Enjoy hiking tours to Cerro Mirador del Golfo Almirante Montt. Take it all in with stunning nature walks and explore the organic family farm and hothouse where they grow most of the food eaten by the family. Thanks to an agreement with an outfitter, you can also take an expedition cruise to 5 glaciers in the Alcalufes Natural Preserve. There is something for every type of adventure lover at Estancia Mercedes.



The ranch is located in a privileged enclave 35 km from the town of Puerto Natales, 185 km from Torres Del Paine National Park and 10 Km from the Alcalufes National Preserve and 40 km from the Bernardo O’Higgins National Park.


Piloto Civil Norberto Fernández International Airport.

Directions to The Estancia

Head to Avenida Pedro Montt 520, Casa Verde. Take the motorboat across the fjord. The boat ride will take approximately 12 minutes. Upon disembarking from the boat, wait for the truck that will transport you to the estancia. The ride will take about one hour.

Estancia Mercedes


Verified Listing

Puerto Natales, Patagonia, Chile

Activities at facility


Ride to Canto de Los Turbales Waterfall

Estancia Mercedes
Puerto Natales, Patagonia, Chile
USD 224.00

Search and Sighting of Wild Bulls

Estancia Mercedes
Puerto Natales, Patagonia, Chile
USD 1,379.00

Ride to View the Condors in Cerro Mirador

Estancia Mercedes
Puerto Natales, Patagonia, Chile
USD 224.00