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Estancia La Rosita

Corrientes, Argentina Verified Listing

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Discover The Argentinian Estancia La Rosita at Its Finest

Enjoy a stunning and remote getaway and experience the South American grasslands on horseback at Estancia La Rosita. This large estate offers its guests various equestrian activities to choose from, including multi-day trail rides for the adventurous at heart. Try your hand at a traditional sporting experience and book a Polo Holiday to enjoy a full week of polo games in the afternoons.
During your stay you can also enjoy fishing, cattle activities and authentic South American cuisine. Estancia La Rosita proves to be the perfect vacation spot for horse-lovers looking for a bit of relaxation and a touch of nature.

Explore the Wetlands of Corrientes with Gaucho Guides

The Hosts and owners, Fernando and Guillermo Landgraf, value hospitality and the comfort of their guests above all else. The gauchos on the estancia make sure to guide novice riders and lead the multi-day trails. Under their guidance, guests can experience true South American culture.
The surrounding landscape includes large fields and wetlands which guests can ride through on their trail rides, alongside the cattle in the area.
Other activities at La Rosita include golden dorado fishing, for which the hosts have designed a special program. Fishing enthusiasts enjoy catch and release fishing at the estancia, guided by the local fishermen of the area.



Admire the Stunning Horses, Born and Bred on the Estancia

Though Estancia La Rosita has room to accommodate only 16 guests at a time, they have more than 130 horses, born and bred in their care. These horses are bred to be a mix of Argentinian Polo, Quarter, Thoroughbred, Criollo & Percherons. The wide variety of horses makes this an ideal place for equestrians who would like to choose to ride a new horse every day, as well as those who want to ride the same horse for the entirety of their stay.

Enjoy an Array of Equestrian Activities at Estancia La Rosita

Equestrian activities available for guests at Estancia La Rosita include exhilarating multi-day trail rides and exciting polo programs. 5 Day Trail Rides Day 1: The 5-day trail ride starts with the riders’ arrival at Estancia La Rosita, after which they are served breakfast. After this, there is a short ride within the estancia along with cattle work for those who are interested. In the afternoon, riders are served lunch, after which there is time to unwind with an afternoon siesta. In the late afternoon an informal stick and ball match is played and the day is finished off with dinner and lodging at the estancia.

Day 2: The second day starts with a 2 hour 45 minutes cavalcade in the morning, followed by lunch at an estancia riders come across along this journey. After lunch, riders are free to relax and enjoy an afternoon siesta. In the late afternoon, riders set off on another 2 hour 45 minute trail, which leads them to Estancia La Amistad. Upon arrival, riders can enjoy a massage session, as well as dinner and lodging.

Day 3: The third day begins with a morning ride lasting 2.5 hours, taking the guests through the wetlands. After this, the riders have lunch near the wetlands, followed by an afternoon siesta. The evening ride includes a 2.5 hour trail to the next estancia, where guests are free to relax by the pool and enjoy a cup of tea. Dinner and lodging on the third night is at Estancia Buena Vista.

Day 4: On day four, riders ride from the Estancia to Corriente River. Lunch is served by the river banks and riders are allowed to enjoy their free time in this picturesque landscape. After lunch, a boat excursion takes the riders to the next estancia, where they can play ring games on horseback. After this, riders are free to do as they please. Dinner and lodging is at Estancia La Pelada for the evening.

Day 5: On the last day, riders ride back from La Pelada to La Rosita in a cavalcade. This day consists of intense rides of 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the afternoon. Riders will canter across this path, and may be able to see alligators and a wide variety of birds passing the wetlands. Upon arrival at La Rosita, riders will be served tea and a snack, and will then have some free time. The 5 day trail ride comes to a close with dinner and folk music at Estancia La Rosita.

Polo Holidays This 7-day polo holiday includes fun-filled mornings of stick and ball, along with a game of polo every afternoon. The games are 4 chukkers long (30 mins). Guests can take part in the many activities available at the estancia during the daytime as well. One day out of the week is reserved for the guests to choose their own schedule. Choices include fishing, cattle work, horse riding, massage sessions or even bird watching.




Pick-up Service

Estancia La Rosita is located in Esquina, Corriente. Upon arrival at Esquina, the hosts at La Rosita can arrange a pick-up service to bring you to the Estancia.

Estancia La Rosita


Verified Listing

Corrientes, Argentina