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Estancia El Colibri

Santa Catalina, Cordoba, Argentina Verified Listing

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Relax and Unwind in True Luxury at Estancia El Colibri

Bask in true luxury at Estancia El Colibri in Santa Catalina nestled in the stunning vineyards of Northern Argentina.
Estancia El Colibri offers guests the opportunity to soak up Argentina’s rural way of life. Enjoy horse ranching, polo and elegant luxury in this wonderful retreat owned by Stéphanie and Raoul Fenestraz.
Raoul is passionate about polo and the game is played at Colibri allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the excitement and thrill of this traditional game. With a stay here you can enjoy an exclusive “all you can ride” package included in your room rate so you can make the most of all the riding facilities and experiences on site. You will have access to expansive polo fields to learn the basics or perfect the craft. After a day of riding and playing you will get a taste of the exquisite luxury of this site when you meet back at the Club House for drinks or a traditional asado (South American BBQ).
Experience the elegant lifestyle exuded by El Colibri, from riding through the ranch to nightly wine tastings of regional wines.

Discover Argentina Wine Country

Estancia El Colibri is surrounded by many famous vineyards and is a must-see destination n for wine lovers. At El Colibri, guests can taste selections from Mendoza, Salta and Patagonia. Enjoy your wine tasting with many breads, cheeses and dried meats all locally produced at Estancia Don Andre.
The sunny warm climates and the high altitudes of Northern Argentina make wine special in this region. The culture and natural environment make it an ideal location for producing some of the most unique wine in the world.
Make the most of your stay here by riding horseback or walking along the river where you will be greeted with a savoury picnic with all the best local delicacies. Even the on-ranch restaurant will serve you traditional Argentinian recipes made from the freshest produce cultivated on the farm.


Unlimited riding included

A Luxurious Riding Retreat

Included in the price of your room at Estancia El Colibri you can make the most of the “all you can ride” package. The perfect treat for all riding enthusiasts as well as families with different riding abilities. The House’s Gauchos will tack up an appropriate horse for you and take you to one of the many exciting rides around the Estancia. Very young children (5 years old and older) can be ponied up and safely enjoy the ride too. You can gallop on the Polo fields or just explore the grounds. For those interested in learning or perfecting their polo game, they will be paired with a steed bred for the sport.

Rejuvenate with Fantastic Activities at Estancia El Colibri

While the wine, food and horses may be enticing enough, Estancia El Colibrí offers many attractions for all ages. The terroir of Argentina has been preserved around the estancia and attracts many species of wildlife. Bird watchers can observe more than 170 species and children will find their own piece of paradise within the Children’s World program. At the farm your family can milk cows, collect fresh eggs from the henhouse, and feed the animals. In the gardens children are invited to learn more about nature as well as harvest fruits, vegetables or compose a flower bouquet. When the weather is not good enough for outdoors pursuits, you can even go into the kitchens for a cooking or pastry lesson. And of course, families can spend time biking or hiking with the landscape of the Córdoba mountains always in view.


Great activities for children and adults



Camino a Santa Catalina km7, Santa Catalina, 5221, Argentina. An hour West of Buenos Aires, Colibri is an exceptional weekend destination for locals and tourists alike!


Cochera Aeropuerto Airport

Estancia El Colibri


Verified Listing

Santa Catalina, Cordoba, Argentina