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Equine Photo Tours & Workshops in Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal Verified Listing

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Celebrating the Noble Lusitano - And Exclusive Photo-Tour in Golegã with Scott Trees & Rita Fernandes.

Welcome to the adventure of a life-time. If you ever thought of mixing three of the best things about vacation time - traveling, hoses and photography - this is the opportunity for you. With Scott Trees and Rita Fernandes you will be traveling the Ribatejo region to photograph beautiful Lusitanos during the best week of the year for this breed’s enthusiasts: the Golegã Horse Fair.

The Photo-Tour Program

The tour will include:
Day 1: 11th Nov —> Arrival & airport pickup. We will sit together for a lovely dinner at our host for the Tour, and move on to talk about photography during our introduction session.

Day 2: 12th November —> Photo-trip to Golegã Horse Fair (day and night reportage photography). Enjoy the lovely shows, visit breeders' casetas and have a lovely dinner with the locals to feel the vibe of Golegã. The night life at Golegã is equestrian and full of surprises to look for and photograph.

Day 3: 13th Nov —> Morning and Afternoon photoshoot at a Lusitano breeder (liberty, portraits, horses in the fields & ridden horses).

Day 4: 14th Nov —> Morning: Travel & Shoot near Lisbon (liberty, portraits, horses in architecture & high-school ridden horses). Includes lunch at a lovely quinta and wine tasting at the most charming library room. Afternoon and/or night: special closing photo-shoot.

Day 5: 15th Nov —> Morning: Portfolio discussion & Editing session with Scott Trees and Rita Fernandes. Drop out at the airport.


Celebrating the Noble Lusitano

Two TOP host Photographers

Scott Trees and/or Rita Fernandes will be with you to explain the process and guide you through each photo-session. The introduction session will also include information about how to best photograph the Lusitano breed. This event is all about sharing experiences with fellow horse and photography enthusiasts. All traveling expenses and meals are included. To take full advantage of the program, each participant needs camera, lenses and their own computer with Photoshop and Lightroom installed. For information about equipment and software requirements, feel free to contact Rita or Scott directly.


Photography Workshop


Equine Photo Tours & Workshops In Portugal


Verified Listing

Lisbon, Portugal