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El Caballo De España & Maddison-Greenwell Equestrian

Long Buckby, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom Verified Listing

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Enjoy Classical Equitation at El Caballo de España

Be transported back in time when you visit El Caballo de España nestled in the countryside of Northamptonshire. At El Caballo de España, they pride themselves on their classical dressage courses, steeped in history they celebrate this ancient equestrian art form with some of the finest Spanish horses in the UK.
At the forefront of this training is Peter Maddison-Greenwell, an internationally renowned dressage trainer, judge, performer and author. El Caballo de España is truly the ideal location for any rider looking to enhance their skills in classical dressage. Immerse yourself in the art and science of classical equitation at this outstanding facility.

Celebrate Exceptional Horsemanship

As the founder of El Caballo de España, Peter Maddison-Greenwell also spearheads the equestrian training at this facility. A unique aspect of his training is the emphasis on training both the horse and rider and Peter’s ability to crossover from trainer to performer allows the highest quality of training for his students. Soak up the teachings of Peter that are based on many years of experience and a balance of beliefs and principles that has put him amongst the world’s top trainers in his field.
Peter teaches any level of equestrian from novices to the most advanced, helping competitive and classical dressage riders to work correctly with the horse's welfare at heart. What better way to learn than with one of the best in the world? With Peter, enjoy thorough classical dressage training with tailor-made private lessons in riding and work in hand lessons.


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Revel in Spectacular shows at the Equestrian Theatre

El Caballo de España developed a new genre of equestrian theatre here in the UK. Their many unique and spectacular shows have inspired and entertained many hundreds of thousands of people since 1988. These shows have pushed the boundaries of this equestrian art form beyond its previous concept.

A Spotlight on Peter Maddison-Greenwell

An international dressage trainer, teaching in Spain, America, Germany and Dubai, and the UK. Peter is probably one of the most prolific promoters of the Spanish Horse into the culture and training in Great Britain. His book, "Living and Working with the Horse of Spain'' has been published in the UK, USA, and Spain. Peter's knowledge and ability to train riders and horses in historical, traditional or competitive dressage gives him the eye for detail to ensure that shows at El Caballo de Espana have authenticity, credibility and entertainment. He is known and respected in the classical and competition world of dressage, as one of the few who genuinely crosses over from trainer, to teacher and performer with a true understanding of how the horse works and learns.


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Covert Farm, Long Lane, NN6 8DU, United Kingdom


Birmingham Airport


Bus 96 Northampton from Holyoake Terrace to Tilbury Rise

On Foot

From Tilbury Rise, Head west on Tilbury Rd, Slight right onto A428 and Slight right onto Long Ln

El Caballo De España & Maddison-Greenwell Equestrian


Verified Listing

Long Buckby, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom