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DXD Equestrian Specialists Inc.

Manila, Philippines Verified Listing

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Specialist Equestrian Service

A family of horse enthusiasts dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the equestrian sport. DXD stands for Danni, Xavi, and Diego Virata, and they teach at the Manila Polo Club. This specialist equestrian company promotes and develops aspiring equestrians in the Philippines as well as catering to horse enthusiasts. With a heritage of competing internationally, it is the go to place for state of the art coaching and equestrian development.

50 Years of Equestrian Excellence

Steven and Mia Virata who met at the Manila Polo Club when they were teenagers became 3-day eventers and show jumpers, eventually representing the country Internationally in various competitions. Throughout their 50 years of experience with horses, they coached many riders. DXD Equestrian Specialists enable riders to not only develop their skills, they also are equipped to accommodate horses for livery.


Dynamic Venue

Catering to young aspiring competitors, adult leisure riders, and beginners, DXD equestrians offer something to all horse lovers. The ranch has 18 stalls for livery and two fields which can be used for riding lessons and pony rides. Under development, the farm will host events, conduct regular summer camps, along with a cafe and airbnb glamping site to cater to the guests. As of now, it is a place to relax, enjoy nature and appreciate the simple joys of life around animals.


Equestrian Excellence

Manila Polo Club

The fabulous Manila Polo Club is considered Manila’s premier club.The Manila Polo Club (MPC) in Makati, Metro Manila is at the heart of equestrian sport and development in the Philippines. It was established in 1909 during the American colonial era by Governor General William Cameron Forbes as a venue for polo and leisure. It was originally located in Pasay prior to World War II, after which it transferred to its present location in Forbes Park, Makati.



McKinley Rd, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines


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Dxd Equestrian Specialists Inc.


Verified Listing

Manila, Philippines