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David Equestrian Services

Manama, Bahrain Verified Listing

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Enjoy a Dedicated Riding Lessons at David Equestrian Services

Located in Dumistan, on the beautiful South-West coast of Bahrain, is the equestrian facility David Equestrian Services (formerly Prime Stud). Here, you can train with wonderful horses located just a short canter away from a stunning beach.
This yard prioritizes horse welfare, with air-conditioned barn of 20 stables, a lunge pen, and three large, well-maintained sand arenas. The main attraction, however, must be the proximity to the sea. A short hack leads to Dumistan beach, crystal clear waters, and a sand bar if you’re feeling adventurous enough to get your feet wet!

Swim with Horses

Ride and swim with majestic Arabian Horses in the Arabian Sea. A dream come true for any passionate horse-lover.
Risen from the heart of the desert, the pure blood Arabian horse is a breed like no other. Brace yourself for an age-old recreational activity that will leave you amazed at the beauty of the desert’s survivor as you ride across the stunning skyline of the dipping sun by the beach.
Begin your unforgettable ride here, pass by some quaint villages and ride towards the picturesque beach with a stunning view of the sunset. Drenched in the evening sun experience the magic of a dip in the Arabian Sea with your majestic Arabian horse.


David Equestrian Services

Equestrian Services

Riders are offered lessons in English or Arabic, and you’ll be paired with a horse that suits your abilities. Summer & Winter Camps available for kids where they can learn how to care for a horse, as well as how to ride.


Equestrian Excellence


By Car

Drive to Manama to Road 1731. David Equestrian Services, formerly Prime Stud Bahrain is located on 1432, Road 1732. Block 1017

By Air

Bahrain International Airport, 37 minutes drive away.

David Equestrian Services


Verified Listing

Manama, Bahrain