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Dartmoor Hawking

Kingsbridge, United Kingdom Verified Listing

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Horseback Falconry in Southern England

Many people when talking about hawking from horseback will say they’d love to go to Mongolia to see horses and eagles being used together. But who needs to go to Mongolia when you can come to Devon!
The only facility in the UK where eagles are worked with horses, Dartmoor Hawking take great pride in the fact that all five of their recycled racehorses are happy (not just tolerant) to work with the birds.
During late summer Autumn and winter the ‘Falconry from Horses’ days will include simulated hunting with eagles to maintain their fitness for the hunting season.
You will also get to work with fast hunting falcons, working them to the lure – a simulated hunting exercise.

Teaching Course

Dartmoor Hawking 'Falconry from Horses' days are great fun, they are a basic play with horses and hawks session.
There are lots of different experiences available, including a five day teaching course for those with a greater interest, where participants will learn how the hawks and the horses are trained to merge them into one happy team!
The course will teach the basics of falconry, equipment, handling, basic training of birds of prey, introducing hawks and horses to each other, practical mounted handling, best practice and what to do when things go wrong.
The experience will include simulated hunting with eagles and falcons, so that it is possible to really feel how falconry in the field would be.



Our Team

Martin and Phillipa Whitely and their team consist of five retrained racehorses alongside a variety of falcons, eagles and hawks





We are located 23 miles (35 minutes) from Plymouth. 37 miles (50 mins) from Exeter.

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Dartmoor Hawking


Verified Listing

Kingsbridge, United Kingdom

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Horseback Falconry

Dartmoor Hawking
Kingsbridge, United Kingdom
GBP 375.00

Horseback Falconry (Single Rider)

Dartmoor Hawking
Kingsbridge, United Kingdom
GBP 255.00