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Coudelaria Henrique Abecasis

Azambuja, Portugal

Explore Portugal on Horseback

Whether you’re a fan of the beach and coastal areas, or you’re interested in the culturally and historically-rich, winding roads of Portugese countryside, Coudelaria Henrique Abecasis is the perfect equine holiday destination for you. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to ride along the Atlantic Coast, and even explore undiscovered beaches with your equine partner. If you’re looking for a historical tour of Lisbon countryside, sit astride a gorgeous Lusitano as you take a relaxed trot through Ribatejo – a quaint section of Lisbon teeming with culture, history and a picturesque and breathtaking landscape.

Gorgeous Lusitano Horses

Known for their excellence in dressage, Lusitano horses are largely bred for their elegance, power and agility. At the Henrique Abecasis Stud, the Lusitanos are indeed a cut above the rest. Bred at the stud farm, the horses receive top-notch care and feed from the minute of their birth, and are raised in an environment to excel as dressage horses performance-wise, but are also trained to be tough and agile in the context of exploring the Portugese countryside. Regardless of whether you’re an experienced dressage rider looking for lessons to take your skills up a notch, or you’re looking to venture out on horseback, Coudelaria Henrique Abecasis has the perfect equine partner for you.

Admire the beautiful Atlantic Ocean

Rich with Tradition and Culture

What’s a trip to Portugal without learning about the rich history of the country? The routes offered by Coudelaria Henrique Abecasis provide excellent opportunities for you to learn and experience Portugese culture. From being able to visit the rural areas of Lisbon, to trying wine from local wineries, this adventure on horseback promises nothing less than a trip that offers experiences that will fully immerse you in the rich history of the country.

A Holiday for the Family

If your whole family rides, all of you are definitely inl for a real treat. There is no family holiday quite like one spent exploring the trails of Portugal on majestic Lusitano horses together. For those in the family who are more competitive and experienced riders, dressage lessons are also readily available, on big, powerful Lusitanos with a strong background in their training of classical dressage. Tailor the perfect riding holiday for all your family members, and create memories surrounded by a shared equestrian experience.

Bask in golden sunsets


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