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Coudelaria Dias

Montargil, Portugal, Portugal Verified Listing

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Have the experience of a lifetime with the family-owned Coudelaria Dias

Located near the placid waters of Montargil Dam, Coudelaria Dias is a passionately run operation that organizes trips for riders and non-riders, individuals and friends, couples and families. Ride along the beautiful dam in one of Portugal’s most scenic regions, and take in the gorgeous landscape with your loved ones.

Explore the colorful surroundings with a seasoned guide

Stroll on horseback through the cork oak grove as you soak up the warm ambience of Alentejo with a professional and cheery guide. Before the ride, you’ll be introduced to the gentle, well-maintained horses and strike up a relationship with them. Then you’ll take a guided tour to the lake or the surrounding countryside on the easy-to-ride animals. Make sure to take plenty of pictures, especially if you catch the sunset in the Alentejo surroundings!


Coudelaria Dias

Take horse riding lessons or buy and sell horses

You can also take horse riding lessons at Coudelaria Dias, or buy and sell Lusitano horses.


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What to do nearby

Coudelaria Dias is close to a number of excellent restaurants serving Mediterranean, Portuguese, and European food - be sure to visit after you’ve whipped up an appetite while horse riding! Or if you're looking for more things to do, you can visit the Igreja De Nossa Senhora Da Assunção, a neighboring church.


Coudelaria Dias


Verified Listing

Montargil, Portugal, Portugal