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Chukka Wellness by India

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Become Fitter with Chukka Wellness

Chukka Wellness helps polo players to become fitter and stronger athletes using their 3 elements; Fuel, Flexibility and Functional. Company founder, India says “We focus on these 3 elements as it is important to fuel your body with the correct nutrition, mobilise joints to prepare them for the high impact play and strengthen muscles through the use of polo specific exercises and movement patterns." Chukka Wellness offers Online Courses, Training Programs and a Virtual Membership Hub which can guide you through your fitness journey.

Chukka Wellness and India Parker Smith

India has trained many international high goal polo players including women’s world no. 1 Nina Clarkin. She has trained Schockemole and Thai Polo team for the Gold Cup and Queen’s cup along with International clientele from Switzerland, USA, Canada, Pakistan and Germany.


Train to Become a More Supple Rider

Online Masterclasses for Riders

The Rider Recovery Masterclass:

The Rider Recovery series hosted by Chukka Wellness founder India Parker-Smith and Equestrian Wellness founder Valerie Breslow, aims to provide a roadmap for creating optimal performance results for riders using an approachable and sustainable framework.

They suggest that the key elements of recovery for riders needs to include a combination of R's: refuelling, rehydrating, replenishing, relaxing, recharging, rebalancing, reflecting and finally, reigniting.

Within this series they cover 3 main areas: Nutrition, Movement, & Mindfulness.

This mini series offers riders of all ages and abilities a guide on becoming a fitter, healthier and more effective athlete both in and out of the saddle while aiming to give a competitive edge.

Riders tend to focus primarily on the welfare and recovery of their horses so why not focus on their own wellness too?

When you ride your horse you 'become one' however, when you are not physically and mentally where you need to be, it can highly impact your overall performance.

Book the Rider Recovery Masterclass today on our Rates and Availability Section, and improve your habits as a rider and optimize your performance.

The Rider Preparation & Recuperation Masterclass:

Within this series we cover mental preparation with sport psychologist Nick Dann, Physical & mental recuperation with Wellness expert Abigail and I myself discuss physical preparation.

The aim of the series is to help riders optimise their athletic performance through a simple but effective preparation and recovery process which focuses on the body-mind connection.

We discuss the methods you can implement into your busy schedule for optimal restoration and reduce that ‘horse rider hangover’ you may experience after tournaments or busy seasons.

Reduce your risk of injury, optimise energy levels and physical prowess, become more focused on your goals and strive to be a more effective rider.

Book the Rider Preparation & Recuperation Masterclass today on our Rates and Availability Section, and improve your habits as a rider and optimize your performance.

8 Week Pre-Season Training Program

The programme will be delivered via an interactive calendar that provides users with a daily guide to improving overall strength and fitness. Each day the calendar will present a daily warmup, workout and stretching routine, as well as a weekly shopping list and daily meal suggestions.


· Improve suppleness and flexibility
· Enhance control in the saddle
· Increase confidence and ease in your hooks and nearside shots
· Improve the accuracy and effectiveness of your swings with our upper body and functional workouts.
· Fuel your body better for increased recovery and sustained energy levels.
· Stay motivated with our weekly videos & emails and daily motivational tools.
· Have access to India directly for any queries or questions you have.
· Gain that competitive edge by being the fittest on the field during important games.
· Recover quicker in-between chukkas with our HIIT workouts

Chukka Wellness has made sure to keep the calendar simple and easy to use – so just login everyday and complete your workout. There are also have some discounts from associated equestrian brands! You will unlock a discount at the end of each completed week as a reward - so remember to take advantage of them too.

Feel more confident in the saddle, reach further in your hooks, improve accuracy of your nearside and backhand shots, reduce your risk of injury and recover quicker in between games.

Click Here to Get a Peek into the Training Program!


Build Your Strength with Chukka Wellness Programs

Virtual Fitness Chukka Hub

Gain access to the ingredients needed to become a fitter & stronger rider.

Membership includes...
· Access to Easy Viewing Of Workouts Through our Mobile-Friendly Site Perfect For When You Are On-The-Go
· Rider-Specific Workouts (Upper Body, Lower Body, Functional, Core, HIIT) Designed To Create Fitter & Stronger Athletes
· Warm up and Stretching Routines to Reduce Risk Of Injury & Prolong Play Time
· Access to Simple Recipes & Pre/Post Chukka Snacks - Perfect for Busy Travel Days
· Access to Discounts on Polo-Fitness Clinics & Programmes and Discount Vouchers from Associated Brands
· Pre Season and On Season Training Programme Templates to offer a structure to your fitness regime
· Interviews from top polo players; how they stay fit and prepare for a busy season



Online Training Sessions

Chukka Wellness By India


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