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Cheshire Carriage & Co..

Hankelow , United Kingdom Verified Listing

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Take a magical ride, learn everything about Shire horses and carriage driving and enjoy the hospitality with Cheshire Carriage and Co., brought to you by the HHH Team (Huddart Heavy Horses)

Cheshire Carriage and Co is HHH’s way to help you disconnect from the grind and connect with your loved ones through beautifully crafted carriage experiences. Sit back with a glass of sparkling English wine for a short ride, or come and experience the magic for the whole day - the majestic Shire horses are sure to contribute to a fantastic day!

Whether you are looking for a unique afternoon tea outing or a lovely family day out, Cheshire Carriage & Co have something for everyone! Offering packages such as Cocktail & Carriage Rides, Afternoon Tea Picnics and Children's Parties, the beautiful Shire horses will help make any outing that extra bit special!

Additional packages include lessons in carriage driving from harnessing your horse to setting up the carriage correctly to driving the carriage through the countryside!

We also have a Show Day Simulator package where you learn how to prepare your horse for a show and picnic packages with amazing food, cocktails and refreshments!

Want us to plan your whole trip including lists of our recommended accommodation and nearby restaurants, pubs and attractions?? Just get in touch!

The HHH Team - Get personalized coaching sessions & more from the HHH team

Horse owners and enthusiasts can benefit from personalized coaching sessions, with an initial consultation to assess their current ability and a customized plan to fit their requirements and goals.

The coach will work closely with you to identify your limits and help you overcome them through comprehensive training in all your chosen areas. The sessions are designed to improve your confidence as riders, and to form deeper connections with your heavies. You can also take advantage of an ongoing support plan tailored to your needs.

Whatever your goals may be, the HHH team can help you get there: from driving to harness to plaiting.


Meet the Shire horses and take a carriage ride through the countryside

Indulge in our locally sourced Afternoon Tea Picnics

Fancy experiencing a private carriage ride with a twist? Enjoy our signature picnic in a private spot with British Sparkling Wine or other refreshments of your choice. All of our products are locally sourced and produced by local farms, so you are sure to experience a taste of Cheshire! It is all within 30 miles of our facilities...the distance a horse and carriage could travel in a day!


Locally Produced Signature Afternoon Tea Picnic

Get Cheshire Carriage and Co to plan your dream proposal

Looking to make a truly unique proposal? HHH’s Cheshire Carriage and Co can help you craft the perfect day, masterfully planning and organising for you so you can just soak in the excitement. We will be on hand to assist in the organisation of your proposal, ensure the horses are dressed to impress and make sure every part of your day goes as smoothly as possible for the big moment! Get in touch to find out more information today!


Cheshire Carriage & Co..


Verified Listing

Hankelow , United Kingdom

Activities at facility


Breakfast Club

Cheshire Carriage & Co..
Hankelow , United Kingdom
GBP 52.00

The Ultimate Modern Experience

Cheshire Carriage & Co..
Hankelow , United Kingdom
GBP 195.00

Show Day Simulator

Cheshire Carriage & Co..
Hankelow , United Kingdom
GBP 180.00