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Cavago Tours

Worldwide, Portugal Verified Listing

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Sojourn into the Country, Turn Your Travels into Adventures

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Imagine that you are at the edge of the deep blue sea, the water lapping at your toes, or is it that your foot is already in the stirrup and you are straddling your horse to gallop away?

Welcome to Cavago Specials.

Here you will find specially curated experiences created under themes of weekend getaways, valentines or riding tours with influencers such as Kerri Kasem, renowned photographers like Scott Trees and exceptional horsemen like Yassine Cavalier.

Experience Customised Luxury

For the traveler who likes to do holidays off the beaten path and far from the madding crowd, these specials provide the ideal backdrop and activities. Combining boutique experiences with the best of everything from food, music and art, you and your family, friends and children will be in the lap of luxury, away from the hustle and bustle of the world. If you are looking for custom tours for your group, please contact us so we can help curate your perfect holiday.


The Ideal Vacation

Choose the Cavago Special for Your Travel Personality!

These specials combine a love of the great outdoors and the usual travel activities like sightseeing and camping. If you have booked a museum tour, let Cavago include a historical sights tour viewed on an old-fashioned horse-drawn cab. Or maybe you want to meditate by the sea, Cavago will include a package designed especially for mind, body and breath work with horses. These specials are also perfect for those novice riders who want to use their vacation to learn a new skill and get a taste of this amazing activity.


A Retreat for the Senses

Your Perfect Holiday Begins Here

This holiday season, select the perfect Cavago Special suited to your needs and plunge into an experience like never before. Sure, you can always vacation with the tourists or you can elevate your trip and take home the memories of a lifetime. You are one click away from the vacation of your dreams.


Cavago Tours


Verified Listing

Worldwide, Portugal

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Cavago Tours
Worldwide, Portugal
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