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Akmeta, Georgia Verified Listing

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Caucasus Adventure Tours

Caucasus Adventure Tours is an adventure travel agency founded by Tinatin Ididze, a Georgian native passionate about her country's rich cultural landscape. She founded the company in 2016 to offer travelers the chance to experience the many undiscovered and unspoiled regions that make Georgia so special, adventurous, and worth discovering. This company captures Tinatin's love for the country and her desire to share it with others.

Our Tours

Caucasus Adventure Tours offers a wide variety of escorted tours, each custom-made to focus on a specific topic or a combination of topics. Our tours are not only about the destinations we visit but also the type of journey and activities we offer. We provide packages focusing on wildlife, cultures, adventure, and scenery or combinations of all these. Our tours are designed to excite and captivate you with the adventure of a lifetime.


Your Happy Place

Our Team

At Caucasus Adventure Tours, we are proud of our team of travel experts who are happy to help you throughout your stay in Georgia. We welcome you year-round and offer support to help you discover more about our extraordinary country. Our experienced guides will show you the wonderful landscapes of Caucasus and get acquainted with the history and ethnic-culture of the people. We aim to minimize negative effects on the natural and social environment and maximize benefits to local businesses, supporting them towards sustainable management.


Be One With Nature

An Adventure

Caucasus Adventure Tours provides the opportunity to discover the unknown and explore hidden gems in Georgia. Our tours offer a range of exciting and popular activities such as agro tours, equestrian trekking, rock-climbing and many others. Active, adventurous, healthy, green, and local - these are the main things that identify us as an adventure agency. We welcome individuals, families, and all kinds of groups who want to enjoy themselves outdoors.

Caucasus Adventure Tours will take you to places off the beaten path and provide a unique experience you will never forget.




Verified Listing

Akmeta, Georgia

Activities at facility


Explore the Semi-desert Landscapes of Vashlovani (4 Days)

Akmeta, Georgia
EUR 336.00

Racha Horse Riding Tour

Akmeta, Georgia
EUR 2,660.00

Weekend Horseriding in Pankisi Valley (2 Days)

Akmeta, Georgia
EUR 540.00