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Carlos Santos Dressage

Rolling Hills, United States Verified Listing

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Capture the Art of Dressage with Carlos Santos

Carlos Santos was born and raised in the heartland of beautiful Lusitanos, in Santarem Portugal. From growing up in the fields that are home to these magnificent horses it is no surprise that Carlos’ passion for horses grew. Alongside his passion so too did his exceptional talent, which got him noticed by an American agent and resulted in him racing across the biggest tracks in America. After a successful racing career he decided to return to his primary passion and first love, Classical Dressage at Palos Verdes in California. Since returning to dressage, Carlos has successfully trained horses and clients to the FEI levels in this discipline. Now, it’s your chance as a passionate equestrian to learn from him and enhance your dressage skills.

Learn Dressage

As a young adult, Carlos worked in prestigious barns across Portugal, including the elite Quinta da Marinha once owned by Baron Bodo Von Bruemmer. Throughout his training in various disciplines, he has also worked with many great horses and trainers. Carlos is committed to his craft and has attended countless clinics with some of the world’s top trainers.
As a renowned performer and trainer, Carlos takes his own personal skill development very seriously. Currently, he is dedicated to developing his dressage skills even further and is in training with some of Europes top dressage riders like Severo Jurado Lopez, and former Helgstrand rider, Joao Moreira. His dedication to his own skills make him a fantastic trainer and ideal teacher to those looking to enhance their skills in dressage, regardless of their current level.


Trusted Dressage Training with Acclaimed Carlos Santos

Boost Your Dressage Confidence

As a trainer, Carlos’ main mission is to help any horse and rider from any background, breed, or level to find harmony and balance.
Feel connected to your horse and your learning journey when you train here. Your learning journey is unique to you and your horse and Carlos understands this, that is why you are the focal point, he is committed to your success and learning.
Carlos has an individualised way to teach his students and their horse partners and encourages a better connection. He makes it his goal with each of his students to ensure his clients and their horses reach their full potential regardless of breed and level.
Carlos has had many success stories and a couple of his past clients have been coached to victory with their “non-warmblood” horses, winning in Southern California’s show circuit, California Dressage Society Championships and USDF Regionals.

Discover the Art of Dressage in an Exclusive Lesson

Uncover your full potential when you train with Carlos Santos. In a 1-to-1 lesson you will build on your existing skills and grow your experience and confidence. If you choose your lesson to be on a horse that is in training with Carlos currently, you can trust you will be working with the perfect partner. You also have the option to "Ride-in" or "Trailer-in" to a state of the art facility to enhance your abilities in the art of dressage with Carlos.


Learn the Art of Dressage in the Verdant Rolling Hills of California


Carlos Santos Dressage


Verified Listing

Rolling Hills, United States

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Exclusive Dressage Lesson with Carlos Santos

Carlos Santos Dressage
Rolling Hills, United States
USD 85.00