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Caballo Blanco Trekking

Lanjaron, Spain Verified Listing

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Experience the Authentic Andalusian Adventure

If you yearn for the warmth of Spanish sunshine, then there's no place more ideal than Andalucia in southern Spain. Nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, the Alpujarras region boasts over 300 days of sunshine a year. Here, tradition remains alive and vibrant, with white villages dotting the landscape, shepherds guiding their mules, and an extraordinary countryside that will take your breath away.

At Caballo Blanco Trekking, we offer more than just horse riding holidays; we provide a gateway to experiencing Spain's unique blend of culture, nature, and adventure. With our team of expert guides and seasoned mountain horses, we will navigate through ancient Moorish mule paths, pass quaint villages with their quintessential white houses and blooming begonias, explore almond, olive, and orange groves, and traverse through diverse terrains from pine forests to alpine meadows. Our horse riding holidays are not just about the ride; they're about living and breathing the very essence of Andalusian life.

Experience the Authentic Andalusian Adventure. If you yearn for the warmth of Spanish sunshine, then there's no place more ideal than Andalucía in southern Spain.

We understand that everyone has their unique preferences and comfort levels. That's why we offer a range of horse riding holiday packages that cater to different needs and expectations. Whether you're looking for a brief three-day escape, a moderate four-day adventure, or an all-encompassing seven-day journey, we've got something for you.

  • Embark on a 3-day horse trek through pine forests and alpine meadows and discover hidden wooded valleys and gorges.
  • Take the 4-day trek, traverse old donkey tracks, ride through beautiful valleys, and explore the countryside lined with almond and olive groves.
  • Immerse yourself in the 7-day horse trek and experience the authentic Andalusian lifestyle, where tradition remains a vibrant part of everyday life.


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Encounter Nature's Splendour at Its Best

The Alpujarras region is not just about stunning landscapes; it's also a sanctuary for a rich array of wildlife. Come for a horse riding holiday or even a day trek and get an opportunity to encounter wildlife up close. From spotting eagles soaring in the clear blue sky, wild goats gracefully scaling the rocky terrain, and pretty butterflies fluttering amongst wildflowers, to the chorus of singing crickets, each day presents a new nature spectacle.

Regardless of your equestrian skills, we ensure an enjoyable horse riding experience. Our horses are experienced mountain walkers, making it easy for even beginners to savour the thrill of horse riding. And for the more experienced, there are plenty of opportunities to canter and gallop, all while taking in the fresh air, scented by wild herbs, and the feeling of being on top of the world.

At Caballo Blanco Trekking, we promise more than a horse riding holiday; we deliver an unforgettable Andalusian adventure.


Enjoy The Sunset


Caballo Blanco Trekking


Verified Listing

Lanjaron, Spain

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Alpujarra Horse Trek

Caballo Blanco Trekking
Lanjaron, Spain
GBP 1,390.00

Mountain Horse Trek

Caballo Blanco Trekking
Lanjaron, Spain
GBP 640.00

White Village Horse Trek

Caballo Blanco Trekking
Lanjaron, Spain
GBP 830.00