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Big Creek Lodge

Big Creek, Canada Verified Listing

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Experience Ranch Life in British Columbia

The Big Creek Lodge is located south of the small community of Big Creek, British Columbia. The ranch is surrounded by verdant forests, meadows and hidden lakes. This stunning location is the ideal place to experience the traditional ranch life on horseback. Big Creek Lodge accommodates to all levels of rider so whether you’re a beginner or more experienced your trip will be tailored to you. Enjoy a slower pace as you trot along the local rocky terrain. For more experienced riders you can also get your blood pumping with exhilarating rides to take in the beautiful views and excellent photo opportunities.

Discover the Magic of Wild Horse Watching

From Big Creek Lodge, enjoy a lovely drive to the First Nation reserve of Nemaiah Valley. Here, you can watch for wild horses and revel in their beauty and grace! There are more than 1000 living in the valley. You’ll also be able to have lunch at and walk around at the Chilko Lake, as well as see the Taseko River.



Saddle Up for a Cattle Drive at Big Creek Lodge

A Cattle Drive is an experience that dates back 100s of years. This experience is only available in regions that have preserved historical and cultural ways of living. Luckily, Big Creek Lodge has some great neighbours who are willing to allow them to bring along a small number of guests to experience the west the way it has been for over 100 years. A full day with an early start trailering out to help the neighbours with their cows the way it has been done for generations. 5 to 10 hours in all kinds of weather, helping get the cows to their new pasture/range. This has the potential to be a long day and is not for the faint at heart. Where drives are longer than one day the group trailers back to the ranch each evening for a hearty meal and comforts of the lodge.

Immerse Yourself in Nature and Camp at Big Creek Provincial Park

For many years the Big Creek Lodge has owned and operated a little camp at the base of Anvil Mountain for its cattle outfit and guest business. The camp is 32 km (20 miles) from civilization in any direction and can only be reached by horseback through the park. It is made up of two cabins, a generator shed, a large corral system and a tack shed for all the gear.
These trips to the camp can take up to 6 hours one way and make up a whole day's work. All this rewards the visitor with a once in a lifetime experience. You will always be surrounded by a new adventure from swimming in the crystal-clear waters of Sherwood Lake, to watching the many different wild animals in their natural environment. Sherwood Lake is also home to some of the biggest and nicest rainbow trout you will ever see. Try your hand at fishing, catch your dinner and cook it over an open fire.

Here’s What You Can Expect from a Trip with Big Creek Lodge:

The trip begins after a hearty breakfast at the Big Creek Lodge. The horses are caught in a corral, saddled up and loaded into a horse trailer so that they can be transported for the first 12 km (7.5 miles) of the trip. This is done in order to save both the horses and the riders' energy for the long trip to camp. The horseback part begins at the entrance to Fire Creek where the horses are unloaded, and the pack horses are loaded up with supplies. The ride then gets underway on the old trail which heads south into the mountains. This trail is wide enough for only two horses at the best of times and is dotted with rocks, ruts and swampy ground making it even impassable for all wheel drive vehicles. As the ride makes its way up Fire Creek, you come to the first crossing through the cold blue glacier water. The trail then winds itself through a dense forest coming out into an opening that we like to call "Rusty Meadow". This meadow stretches itself almost endlessly towards the mountains and the trail leading out is hidden by the same dense forest that surrounds you while you make your way to the camp. Only an experienced guide will be able to find this opening as you continue along the trail. After 2 hours on horseback you will find yourself riding along the Nadilla, which is another one of the many streams that snake their way down the mountains. As you ride through this stream, you will begin to see a cabin which is used by the local ranches as a "cow camp". The cowboy's use this as a place to sleep and a base to ride out from as they search for their cattle. As you continue the trip you will dive in and out of huge meadow systems and untouched forests until you come to the final draw of Fire Creek. On your approach to the Anvil Mountain Camp, you will first notice the "cook shack" which is where the guide sleeps, this is also where all the meals are prepared and eaten. The guest cabin that sits behind the "cook shack" will be your home for the next few days. There is also a corral system in the camp where the horses are kept, and a tack shed where the saddles and riding gear are stored. After a long day in the saddle and a hardy meal the outside campfire makes the perfect setting for many stories to be told and where adventures from the day can be re-lived. In the next few days, you will do everything from riding around the beautiful landscape up onto Anvil Mountain, to fishing in the still waters of Sherwood. As your trip comes to an end and you make your way back down to the truck and trailer, you will find it hard not to think of all the good times you have experienced. Although after riding in a hard saddle over the past few days, a comfortable truck seat will feel better than it ever has!



Strike the Perfect Balance between Adventure and Relaxation

In addition to exhilarating activities and cosy accommodation, Big Creek Lodge offers unforgettable holiday packages. By booking one package, you can get your rooms, activities and meals covered in a single payment. Whether you’re looking to get away for a whole week or just want a short weekend in the wilderness, Big Creek Lodge has a variety of packages you can choose from. Make memories to last a lifetime and discover the west as it should be experienced!



Grab a rental car at Vancouver Airport and enjoy a beautiful road trip. Please make sure you go via Williams Lake, chief city of the Cariboo Regional District in British Columbia. There are alternative routes, but due to bad road conditions, we highly recommend not to use them, even if your GPS might find that’s a good idea. You can also rent a car at Williams Lake Airport. Please let us know, if you need any assistance with that.

Big Creek Lodge


Verified Listing

Big Creek, Canada

Activities at facility


Wild Horse Watching Day Trip (price per person)

Big Creek Lodge
Big Creek, Canada
SGD 149.64

Short-Stay Package (4D/3N - 2 days of Riding - Double occupancy)

Big Creek Lodge
Big Creek, Canada
SGD 850.00

Camp Trip (price per person)

Big Creek Lodge
Big Creek, Canada
SGD 1,490.53