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Argentina Polo Academy

Buenos Aires, Argentina Verified Listing

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Perfect Your Polo Skills in Argentina

Argentina is a country of diverse and beautiful culture and horsemanship is a special part of that. The intricate game of Polo has a special place in the hearts of many Argentinians and at Argentina Polo Academy you can learn to play in an ideal setting.
Argentina Polo Academy offers a range of bespoke tuition packages for all levels of player, even if you’re just a beginner! You will learn great skills in the use of the mallet, unwavering concentration and great horsemanship. Become a true team player whilst experiencing the glamour and tradition that this sport is historically known for.

Discover Argentina, The Mecca of Polo

Argentina offers an ideal setting for polo in many ways. Firstly, the flat surfaces of the grasslands were ideal for the British settlers who brought polo to Argentina. Secondly, the pampa is perfect for breeding and training horses. Argentina is known as the “Mecca of polo” because it has the largest number of 10-handicap players (the highest calibre of polo player). The standard of polo in Argentina is widely regarded as the best in the world. There is no better place to perfect your skills or even learn as a beginner. Fancy your shot at becoming the next best in the world? Enjoy exclusive tuition at Argentina Polo Academy!


Polo in Argentina

Tailor-Made Tuition Packages for Any Polo Player

Whether learning to ride and play polo for the very first time or taking your skills to the next level through practice games and chukkas, Argentina Polo Academy offers a diverse range of options through which to enjoy the challenges of the world’s oldest, most graceful and exhilarating sport. Perhaps you have never played polo, maybe never even sat on a horse before. The excellent coaches will provide a safe and secure environment and will have you hitting a ball from your polo pony within the hour. Practice makes perfect! Even lifelong polo players have something new to learn and practice. Whether you require a one-off specialised lesson or a practice match, every level of player is catered for with Argentina Polo Academy’s range of bespoke lesson packages!

Learn with Your Ideal Companion and Watch Your Skills Soar

A great polo player is complemented by their great companion. The ideal horse for polo was carefully created through selective breeding between the native Argentine Criollo horses, known for their endurance and the English Thoroughbred known for their speed and grace. A match made in heaven to produce the Argentine Polo Pony, the best sports companion! You’ll get the opportunity to ride these incredible versatile horses as you advance your skills.


Argentina - The Mecca of Polo

Immerse Yourself in this Perfect Polo Destination

The Argentina Polo Academy is situated only 45mins west of Buenos Aires, right in the heart of the Argentine polo capital between Pilar, Open Door and Lujan. Experience the beauty of this part of the world while enjoying a truly immersive polo experience. Here, you will find a real polo lifestyle resort with the polo hotel and year-round polo training, international tournaments, exchange programs, polo clinics, outstanding personal training and many club chukkers at all different levels. There is no better place to learn all there is to know about this wonderful sport and push your skills and confidence to become the best you can be!



Ruta 6, km 160.5, B6700 Luján, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Aeroparque Internacional Jorge Newbery

Argentina Polo Academy


Verified Listing

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Activities at facility


Personal Training (1 hour)

Argentina Polo Academy
Buenos Aires, Argentina
SGD 111.51

Horsemanship training (1 hour)

Argentina Polo Academy
Buenos Aires, Argentina
SGD 111.51

Instructional Chukkers (1 hour)

Argentina Polo Academy
Buenos Aires, Argentina
SGD 139.39