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All Steps Formation Riding

Bicton College, United Kingdom Verified Listing

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All Steps Formation Riding

Formation riding - it's like synchronised swimming only with horses.


All-Steps Formation was formed in 2017 by our Founder, Senga Riches. We are a 12 strong demonstration team, based in Devon, who travel the country performing in shows in our trademark navy blue tails and white breeches. Our aim is to bring formation riding to new audiences with our demonstrations and show that it is a discipline for everyone, no matter the size or breed of your horse. Our team horses range from a 14.1 Connie Cross to a 17.3 Irish Sports Horse who all ride together to music in harmony, producing a beautiful equine ballet.    


We also have a demonstration based in Surrey, headed up by Abby Long, made up of six riders. They have been training together for about a year and have another two members in the ranks training up to become demo riders.  The Surrey team epitomises the All-Steps ethos that formation riding is for everyone ranging from a 14.3 native pony to a 17.0 ex-event horse. 

Formation Riding

Traditionally only the select few experience the amazing harmony and connection between horse and rider whilst riding to music, following the flow of the other riders. All-Steps Formation Riding is a platform which brings this experience to all.  

Our goal is to give riders another way of enjoying their horses with their friends and teammates. We have regular clinics at various venues around the county where you can bring your own horse and have a go. This is perfect for Riding School, Riding Clubs, The Pony Club or even just a bunch of friends who fancy riding as a team. All you need is a group of people, horses and the use of a menage, indoor or outdoor.  


All Steps Formation Riding

The All-Steps Vision

The aim of All-Steps is to bring back the original discipline, formation riding, quadrille or ‘drille’ riding as its all known by, and bring it to a competitive platform. It is the original discipline used in most of the militaries who engaged in warfare. They used formation riding to train the riders and their horses on how to ride as a successful unit which was critical to their survival and returning to their garrisons alive.  

The best introduction to All-Steps Formation Riding would be the ethos of why the platform was started in the first place; ‘grab a test, grab your friends, grab some music…. now go have fun!!’. We want to give riders another way to enjoy their horses with their friends. It's something you can do just for fun or take it a little more seriously and enter the competitions at local level building up to the championships; not everyone wants to go down the centre line on their own, period!  

The plan for the competitions is to lead on to qualifiers and championships that would be run at the yearly Galas. There will be leagues for riding clubs, pony clubs, breed specific, inter schools to name but a few; the list is endless and the scope huge. The main difference with this competition world is that this is the only platform that all riders must ride to specific tests with the option of freestyle.  

P.S. the name was taken from an old school terminology of the Spanish school of Vienna, ‘all steps and movements of high school training, performed by a  quadrille of stallions seen in Olympi


We have clinics all over the the South West and in Surrey and have new venues popping up all the time. Why don’t you book onto one of the clinics and have a go at pony dancing, you'll be amazed at what you can achive after just one session. 

We're always on the look out for coaches and would love to hear from you if you're interested in becoming a coach with All-Steps Formation Riding. Please send an email to or call 07773369214 to find out more.


Learn to ride in formation


All Steps Formation Riding


Verified Listing

Bicton College, United Kingdom

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The All-Steps Formation Riding Christmas Show

All Steps Formation Riding
Bicton College, United Kingdom
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