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Academia Equestre Manuel Carneiro & Xado'z - Horse

Lustosa, Portugal Verified Listing

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Sublime Dressage or Adventurous Trick Riding

Academia Manuel Carneiro & Xado'z Horse provides Dressage lessons, Groundwork, Classical Equitation and also Trick riding, with a group of amazing horses at a stunning facility.

Whether on a trick riding adventure with Julianne Arger or dressage practice with Manuel Carneiro, a magical experience awaits you at Academia Manuel Carneiro & Xado'z Horse, where horses are the stars and people dance with them!


Elevating Riders and Lusitano Horses to Excellence Across Disciplines

The school's mission is to teach horses and riders to the highest level of riding, in the most different disciplines, such as Dressage, Classical Riding. The Academy is dedicated to Purebred Lusitano horses, due to their high potential and character, natural ability for artistic concentration a great disposition for high school. Management and work are determined objectively and individually, adapting the exercises to the clinical and behavioral situation of each horse. Training, nutrition and farriery are determined on a scientific basis, with constant evaluation of the development of each animal's performance. This work is also done with animals under housing. To put it simply, this school was created with the simple mission of promoting horse riding for everyone.


Trick Riding

Upside Down Never Felt So Good

Trick riding is an experience for the brave, but it can change your perspective of horse riding forever. The importance of balance and being one with your horse is truly understood in trick riding.


Beautiful Lusitanos and Lovely Foals

The breeding of horses is a magical science of its own, and the beautiful foals born here are raised and trained by the team.


Lusitano Horses

Pirouettes, Passage and So Much More

The trained horses help to teach students how to perform all complex exercises, such as: Pirouettes, Passage, Piaffe, Reverence and so many others. The nobility of Academia horses and the commitment of the instructors forges the perfect conditions for learning.


Academia Equestre Manuel Carneiro & Xado'z - Horse


Verified Listing

Lustosa, Portugal

Activities at facility


Horse Show - O INICIO

Academia Equestre Manuel Carneiro & Xado'z - Horse
Lustosa, Portugal
EUR 8.00

Dressage Monthly Lesson - Beginners

Academia Equestre Manuel Carneiro & Xado'z - Horse
Lustosa, Portugal
EUR 25.00

Horsemanship training

Academia Equestre Manuel Carneiro & Xado'z - Horse
Lustosa, Portugal
EUR 130.00