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Lisboa, Portugal Verified Listing

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From Global Ventures to Artistic Visions: Unveiling the Accomplished Photographer Behind the Lens

With an impressive resume at just 28 years old, Afonso Bordallo Rodrigues has traversed more than 35 countries, all while achieving a Master's degree in Zootechnical Engineering with a specialization in animal production. Beyond the realms of academia and global exploration, Rodrigues nurtures a fervent dedication to breeding dogs and birds, complemented by adept skills in dressage riding.

Photography has seamlessly woven through Rodrigues's life from an early age. However, it was the observation of fellow photographers' works that ignited an unceasing desire to encapsulate the inherent beauty of every creature. Over the past decade, Rodrigues has wholeheartedly committed to refining his craft in animal photography.

Despite being self-taught, Rodrigues has cultivated his techniques through innumerable new encounters and obstacles. The work invites viewers to perceive the animal kingdom as Rodrigues does—through his discerning lens. An eagerness to spotlight the unique and often unnoticed beauty of these beings propels Rodrigues forward, as he enthusiastically shares his profound adoration for animals with the world.

Equestrian Excellence in Frames: Showcasing Horses Through Exceptional Photography Services

We offer high-quality services for Lusitano horse promotion, stud advertising, brand promotion, rider showcases, competitions, and frames. Rent a horse for your photos or display your favorite shots in fine art print and Wall Art. Let us capture the grace and spirit of these magnificent animals for you!

  • Studs: High-quality photography to advertise studs on social networks and beyond.
  • Brands: Promoting your brand's products through captivating animal photography.
  • Riders: Private photography sessions to showcase riders and their horses.
  • Competitions: Capturing the excitement and grace of dressage, work riding, jumping, and more.
  • Frames: Display your favorite animal photographs in fine art print and Wall Art.
  • Amateurs: Do you like horses, but don't have your own horse for the photos? I work with partners that allow the horse to be rented for this purpose.


Beautiful Horses

Capturing Canine Charm: Unforgettable Dog Photography Services

Afonso Bordallo Rodrigues, a seasoned professional in the realm of dog photography, extends a diverse range of services catered to dog owners. From capturing the distinct personality of individual dogs through captivating photography, Afonso skillfully captures the unique bond that exists between pet owners and their loyal companions. With a keen eye for detail and a deep appreciation for the beauty and affection that dogs bring to our lives, Afonso is dedicated to creating timeless images that encapsulate the essence of these four-legged friends. Allow him to collaborate with you in crafting enduring photographs that honor the magnificence and love shared with your cherished canine companions.


Equestrian Elegance


  • ABRFotografia's photography and post-production work isexceptional; each picture uniquely captures the perfect moments. I strongly recommend and appreciate the professionalism always shown.''- Margarida Soares Dias, Portugal.
  • 'Afonso, huge thanks for your patience and talent in handling our pack of 3 dogs, 1 horse, and 1 person in one picture-perfect - the outcome is just more than I could have ever imagined it to be like with all that hustle around. I love how you catch the right ambiance in each moment. On top of all, you're such a nice and positive person to work with! Highly recommend.'' - Jonna Palmu, Finlândia.
  • ''When I saw Afonso's work, I just loved it and I booked a session for my dog, with only 5 months old. Expectations were already high but Afonso surpassed them all! His incredible patience (super necessary for dogs), professionalism, friendliness and especially the end result, make him the best national animal photographer. Without a doubt, we will repeat the incredible experience many times, and we strongly recommend everyone!'' - Silvia Sousa, Portugal




Verified Listing

Lisboa, Portugal

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Lisboa, Portugal
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