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8D/7N Dressage Clinic With Rafael Soto (Pre-Set Dates)

5.0 A-4, Km 519, 41410 Carmona, Sevilla, Spain, Spain Verified Listing

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  • Activity OMG! Horse
  • Activity Type Package(8)
  • Category Individual,
  • Riding Ability Intermediate, Strong Intermediate, Advanced,

This is a seven-night, six day dressage program that culminates with four private dressage lessons with Olympic Silver Medalist, Rafael Soto.
Guests will be immersed in the day-to-day riding and training that goes on at Epona. It’s a great chance to get a real feel for the sensitive Andalusians and Iberian horses.
This program includes five private lessons, one of which will be with Olympic silver medalist Rafael Soto, five semi private lessons, two ground work sessions (working on training piaffe and Spanish walk) and two lunge lessons, (working on improving the classical seat).
The ‘Dressage Clinic with Rafael Soto Program’ is ideal for riders who have an elementary understanding of dressage to advanced dressage riders.
Rafael is not only a superb rider and trainer of horses, but he is also a highly skilled teacher of riders. Rafael has a great eye for detail, he knows all the Epona horses extremely well, and his positive teaching style brings out the best in all his riders, regardless of their current abilities. It is a privilege to have Rafael Soto collaborate at Epona and he is a truly gifted trainer, mentor and clinician.
- Guests usually arrive in the afternoon and settle into their hotel, a former Palace built for a Queen, which is nestled in the heart of the breathtakingly beautiful medieval town of Carmona;
- Complimentary pick-up from the train station in Seville at 16.30.
- A welcome dinner, where you will meet the rest of the week’s riding members;

- After breakfast at the hotel and a quick transfer to Epona, you will have a short guided tour and a chat with our instructors.
- Your first group lesson will be an assessment for your instructor, who will note your good points and the areas which need to be worked upon. It is also the first chance for you to get used to your horse and the more sensitive style of riding required for the Andalusian and Iberian horses.
- Once the morning lessons are over, relax with a book on the terrace or in the comfortable guest lounge. You are also more than welcome to stay and sit by the arenas and watch the daily training of our horses.
- Meet the rest of the group for lunch in our beautiful dining room and enjoy your first experience of typical Andalusian home cooking and sample our excellent local house wine.
- In the afternoon you shall have your dressage lesson.

- Early breakfast and pick up at the hotel at 8:30 am for the drive to Jerez de la Frontera, in the province of Cádiz.
- The main attraction of this day will be the visit to the Real Escuela Andaluza del Arte Ecuestre, and to see an equestrian performance titled, “How the Andalusian Horses Dance”.
- Please note: the additional cost for the entrance ticket to the ”How the Andalusian Horses Dance” performance is €32, payable to the host on the day.
- Return for a late lunch at Epona.
- In the afternoon you shall have a group dressage lessons.

- As the week progresses so will your dressage, performing more advanced movements and to a higher standard.
- Today you will have two group lessons (morning and afternoon) and you will be working on some of the exercises you will encounter during your Rafael Soto sessions. This is so you are fully prepared to get the very best out of all four of your private lessons with him.
- Once your lessons are over feel free to stay and continue observing the daily training of the geldings, mares and stallions.
- Lunch at Epona.
- Group dressage lesson. - Today, you will also have your second lunge lesson. By now, you will have a good understanding of the importance of a secure and balanced position. This second lunge lesson will give you an opportunity to work on any areas that need improving and will set you up nicely for your final two days of dressage training with Rafael Soto.
- Lunch at Epona.
- After a relaxing afternoon back in Carmona, get ready to visit the historical heart of Seville. Here you can visit the tack shop, always a highlight and after a short walk around.
- It is time for a classical Flamenco Show. The show features dancers of national and international fame, traditional singers and wonderful flamenco guitar. This Flamenco show is optional and has an additional cost of €35 payable to the host on the day.
- Alternatively, if you don’t wish to go to the Flamenco Show or you have already seen it, perhaps you would rather stroll the streets around the largest Gothic cathedral in the world and the palaces and mansions that are a part of this world famous city. The photo opportunities are endless, and you will be spoiled for choice. There are also plenty of shops to visit near the city center before it is time to meet up with the others for dinner.
- After the show it is a short walk to the typical Spanish night market where you can choose your own meal, from a range of Spanish and International cuisine, accompanied, of course, by some superb Spanish wine.

- Two private dressage lessons with Olympic silver medalist, Rafael Soto.
- Depending on your ability, you will be performing the more advanced movements with improved confidence, knowledge and technique today.
- You will be able to watch the other lessons, which gives you yet another learning opportunity, all helping to make this a very informative and enjoyable day, all the while alongside like minded and supportive fellow riders.
- Lunch at Epona.
- Two private lessons with Rafael Soto.
- This is the day you will be able to consolidate everything you have worked on during the week, under the ever-watchful eye of Rafael Soto. - As Rafael knows the Epona horses so well, his four lessons will be progressive and relevant to your individual needs. Today he will help you get the best out of your horse and, most importantly, yourself.
- You will then be presented with the Epona ‘Intensive Training and Dressage Clinic with Rafael Soto’ Diploma while we toast with delicious Spanish cava.
- We will then view the video of one of Rafael’s most legendary rides, aboard his impressive PRE Invasor on his way to winning his olympic medal. Rafael’s commentary during the projection of this video is an experience in itself!
- Afterwards, it’s time for goodbyes and last minute pictures of your new Epona friends, animal and human.
- Lunch at Epona.
- Enjoy at your leisure the last relaxing evening in Carmona.
- We offer complimentary transport to Seville airport and train station. First trip at 8.00 am and last will be at 11.00 am.
- Have a safe onward journey and we look forward to welcoming you back!

**Maximum weight limit of rider is 80 kgs.**

- Accommodation in a 4 star hotel. Your accommodation is in a 4* hotel, complete with a swimming pool, nestled in the nearby medieval town of Carmona, one of the famous white villages of Andalucia.
- Breakfast and Lunches;
- All lessons as mentioned;
- Welcome dinner on first evening;
- Transfers, amenities, tours, and services as described in general information.

- Tickets for the horse show in Jerez (32€).
- The Flamenco Show in Seville (35€).
- Six meals (four evening dinners in Carmona and the last one in Seville, on Friday evening).
- Supplement for single accommodation is €270. (If you wish to avoid paying the single accommodation supplement, please let us know, as we have an alternative accommodation option). You can buy this as an additional package on this booking platform.
-Non rider sharing with a companion rider €880.00. This can be bought separately on this booking platform.


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Epona Spain

5.0 A-4, Km 519, 41410 Carmona, Sevilla, Spain, Spain
Verified Listing

Here at Epona, you can spend your days in a unique 16th century Hacienda in the country with comfortable sitting and resting areas and a swimming pool for your free time.
Nearby, you can enjoy the charm of the small city of Carmona, the oldest continually inhabited settlement in Europe, where the locals are friendly and helpful and the small winding streets are steeped in history and tradition.

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