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From the Pyrenees to Costa Brava (Jan to June)

5.0 Costa Brava, Spain Verified Listing

Activity details

  • Activity Trail Rides
  • Activity Type Package(7)
  • Category Individual,
  • Riding Ability Intermediate, Strong Intermediate, Advanced,
This package takes place over 7 nights and 6 days. Riders take a circular route through the Catalan Pyrenees, the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, the Great Bay of Roses, Baix Empordà and Mediterranean forests. This is the perfect getaway for those looking for an adventure on horseback. Full board, drinks and traditional cuisine are included.


Els Masos D'en Cols

5.0 Costa Brava, Spain
Verified Listing

Els Masos d’en Coll is the perfect escape from the busy city life for a relaxing vacation by the countryside. Guests are able to connect with nature and channel their adventurous side by trying some of the many activities that Els Masos d’en Coll has to offer. Because of its prime location at the foot of Montgri Natural Park, equestrian guests can visit exciting nearby attractions on horseback such as Baix Ter and the Golden Triangle of the Emporda.

With many accommodation options, equestrian activities and other attractions to choose from, Els Masos d’en Coll proves to be the perfect place to disconnect from the drudgery of one’s daily routine.

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Price - GBP 2,152.00

per person for whole activity

  • Sub Total GBP 2,152.00
  • Tax GBP 0.00
  • Grand Total GBP 2,152.00
Verified Listing