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Two Days In The Mountains. Available From 1Apr-30Nov - 2Days/1Night (2Days Riding)

5.0 Place of Queimadelo - Castro Laboreiro, Portugal Verified Listing

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  • Activity Trail Ride Programme
  • Activity Type Package(8)
  • Category Group,
  • Riding Ability Beginner,

Available from April to November, this is a 2Days/1Night (2Days Riding)
Ride well trained Lusitano, Arabe cross or Garrano horses.
Observation of wild Garrano horse herds during the rides.
Ride in the wild and beautiful Peneda Geres National Park
This tour of 2 days and 1night is a beautiful way to spend your weekend or 2 days of your holidays. Riding a horse in the nature is a great and wonderful experience and we can do this enjoying the beautiful Peneda Geres National Park on horseback.
For beginners or advance riders, these 2 days will be prepared according to the experience of the rider. Different groups will be formed. The night with breakfast the next day will be at Ecotura Nature Resort. Package includes:
1night with bfast, 2days of riding according to day to day schedule, 2 picnic lunches.
Not included


Weight Limit is 85kgs.
Available equipment from Host: Helmet
What to Wear: Pants that allow for movement, boots or sport shoes (it is not allowed to ride with open-toe shoes).



5.0 Place of Queimadelo - Castro Laboreiro, Portugal
Verified Listing

Ride through the northern border between Portugal and Spain, on one of the Ecotura’s stunning Lusitanos.

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Price - USD 280.00

per person for whole activity

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  • Tax USD 64.40
  • Grand Total USD 344.40
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Verified Listing