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Coudelaria Henrique Abecasis

Quinta do Pilar, Portugal

Lusitanos At The Country Club - 7Days/6Nights (5 Riding Days). Available In Feb, June & Sept

Activity details

  • Activity Center Based Riding Vacation
  • Activity Type Package(7)
  • Category Group, Shared,
  • Riding Ability Intermediate, Strong Intermediate, Advanced,

This program involves the exploration of the Alentejo plains with a Puro-Sangue Lusitano horse, accompanied by a stay at the 4-star Hotel Vila Gale Country Club. Besides being able to canter through the Alentejo landscape with a magnificent four-legged partner, there are also a myriad of programmes arranged for visitors to taste wine from local wineries, and a wide range of activities related to nature tourism – there is a wide variety of wild birds, and even deers in the open space.
Day 1
-Arrival at Lisbon Airport
-Transfer @5pm to Hotel Vila Gale Country Club in Beja
-Welcome Dinner at The Hunting Lodge (hotel's restaurant), information on the program will be shared
-Overnight at Hotel Vila Gale
Day 2
-After breakfast, riders will head to Hotel's arena where horses will be assigned to riders. Ride inside the arena, to get acquainted with assigned horse.
-First section of trail is a ride around Herded da Figueirinha, belonging to Hotel Vila Gale
-Picnic lunch with a view over the dam, Barragem do Roxo
-Ride around the farm
-Arrive back to hotel, rest and relax before dinner
Day 3
-After breakfast, ride to Herdade da Malhadinha Nova followed by a visit to the Stud facilities
-Return to hotel with time to relax before dinner
-Dinner at restaurant of former bullfighting arena.,br> Day 4
-After breakfast, ride on horseback around the farm
-Stop for picnic lunch in the middle of the vineyards
-Return to hotel with time to relax
-Before dinner, head to the wine house Santa Vitoria for a tour, followed by wine tasting
-Dinner at the "Room of the Barrels"
Day 5
-After breakfast ride towards local rural tourism Herdade dos Group
-Stop by for lunch at restaurant overlooking the property
-Return to hotel, time to relax before dinner
Day 6
-After breakfast, ride to the small village of Mina da Juliana, enjoying the landscape along the dam
-Stop for lunch at local rural tourism, Agroturismo do Roxo
-Return to hotel, with time to relax before dinner
Day 7
-After breakfast, transfer to Lisbon Airport @9am.


-This program has a minimum participants at 4 people and a maximum of 12 people.
-All participants should be at least elementary riders, should have an age over 10 years old and a weight under 90kg. (The rides are aimed at intermediate riders and above who are comfortable, balanced and secure in the saddle and able to control a well-schooled horse in open country at a walk, trot and canter.)
-All the activities described in this program are included in the price of the program. Extra drinks served at the hotel's bars should be paid directly to the host at the moment of check-out.
-There is also included in the price of program an insurance against personal accidents and the entire itinerary is followed by a backup car that provides all the assistance participants may need.
-Transfer from Lisbon on the first day is set at Lisbon Airport, at 6pm and at the "meeting point".
-Transfer on the last day is at 9am to Lisbon airport.
-Travel with light luggage is recommended.

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