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Coudelaria Henrique Abecasis

Quinta do Pilar, Portugal

Dressage Lesson On Lusitano Horses (Day Package With 1Night Stay)

Activity details

  • Activity Dressage
  • Activity Type Package(2)
  • Category Individual, Group, Shared,
  • Riding Ability Novice, Intermediate, Strong Intermediate, Advanced,

the Henrique Abecasis Stud, these horses are perfect mounts for top-quality dressage lessons. With highly-skilled trainers, the lessons offered are bound to help you hone your dressage skills, and take your riding up a notch. This is a full day package offering two lessons per day, an airport transfer to and from Lisbon airport, and one night of accommodation at Quinta do Pilar (inclusive of lunch, dinner and breakfast).

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  • Price USD 200.20
  • Quantity 1
  • Sub Total USD 200.20
  • Tax USD 46.05
  • Grand Total USD 246.25

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