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Coudelaria Henrique Abecasis

Quinta do Pilar, Portugal

Golega Fair & Traditions And Culture Of Ribatejo - 8Days/7Nights & 5Riding Days And Weekend At Golega Fair.

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  • Activity Golega
  • Activity Type Package(8)
  • Category Group, Shared,
  • Riding Ability Intermediate, Strong Intermediate, Advanced,

Ribatejo is just slightly off Lisbon, a land known for its rural traditions and rich culture. Being home to Puro-Sangue Lusitano horses, it would be an immensely immersive experience to explore the area astride one of these noble four-legged gentle giants. Being a breeder of the Lusitano stud, taking a vacation with rides through this town will enable you to explore the culture of breeding top-quality dressage horses. Beyond gaining a deeper understanding of this culture, this ride will also provide you with the opportunity to get a taste of local food, wine and the beautiful landscape. As this tour is for you to experience Golega Fair, you will be surrounded by Lusitano horses in this annual once a year event. This is a 8Days/7Nights (5 Days Riding) and a weekend at Golega Fair.
Day1/30Oct - Arrival, transfer to Quinta do Pilar for welcome dinner and accommodation at Casa do Alfaro.
Day2/31Oct - Visit to stud farm/mares park, vineyards, Casal da Fonte, back to Casa do Alfaro for dinner & overnight.
Day3/01Nov - Ride from Bafoa to River Tejo, arrive to the ancient palace of Vila Real, and a picnic lunch stop by the river. Ride back to Casa do Alfaro for dinner & overnight.
Day4/02Nov - Cross River Tagus by boat with lunch onboard, ride to Santarem, overnight at Casa da Alcáçova.
Day5/3Nov - Ride to River Alviela, picnic lunch by the river, overnight at Quinta da Broa
Day6/04Nov - Ride to Saddle maker and lunch, back to Broa to visit and overnight
Day7/05Nov - Ride to Golega, overnight at Villa Reis (lunch is included, dinner on pax account).
Day8/06Nov - Free day at the fair (meals not included) and transfer to Lisbon airport. Transfer time not yet settled but should be around 4 pm (we can change if all riders agree).


-This program has a minimum participants at 4 people and a maximum of 12 people.
-All participants should be at least elementary riders, should have an age over 10 years old and a weight under 90kg. (The rides are aimed at intermediate riders and above who are comfortable, balanced and secure in the saddle and able to control a well-schooled horse in open country at a walk, trot and canter.)
-All the activities described in this program are included in the price of the program. Extra drinks served at the hotel's bars should be paid directly to the host at the moment of check-out.
-There is also included in the price of program an insurance against personal accidents and the entire itinerary is followed by a backup car that provides all the assistance participants may need.
-Transfer from Lisbon on the first day is set at Lisbon Airport, at 6pm and at the "meeting point".
-Transfer on the last day is at 9am to Lisbon airport.
-Travel with light luggage is recommended.

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