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Our Mission is to Make it Seamlessly Possible to Book a Horse Experience or Horse Facility Wherever You Are

Cavago is a revolutionary booking platform for the horse world. We give all types of equestrian facilities working across all disciplines a personal space to represent themselves within our global community of horse-lovers. When you bring your equestrian facility into Cavago as a host, you'll have access to our incredible network of people looking for horse facilities just like yours.

We Connect Quality Equestrian Facilities with People Who are Actively Looking for Facilities Just Like Yours!


We'll market your property effectively, we'll actively engage our audience to send quality bookings your way, and we'll make it as easy as possible for you to grow your business through the magic of Cavago!


At Cavago, we're all horse people ourselves, and we always hire on passion! We represent some of the biggest names in the equestrian industry, as well as the local riding facilities who offer a simple, no-fuss ride for occasional riders.


Simple Terms

There's no fee to join. We'll take a small commission, but only at the time of booking.


Easy To Use

Our in-house copywriters will create a tailored website page to promote you online.


Travel Support

We have an in-house travel specialist to support your riders with all those tricky logistics.

We can't wait to have you onboard!

We've Reached Over 800,000 Horse-Lovers Across The Globe

Every horse has the ideal rider, so whether you're a competitive polo facility, a well-known dressage trainer, founder of a local pony camp, or a fun holiday ride for complete beginners, we'll bring you into our app and give you the right exposure you need to gain valuable traction in your preferred target market.


You'll Always Be In Control Of Your Own Bookings And Your Own Success

Every equestrian facility is different, so every host at Cavago is represented with a tailored approach to reflect your own style. There's no cookie cutter model that restricts you to fit in with the herd. You decide what you would like to offer through our platform, you let us know your preferred requirements, and you reap the rewards with increased bookings from a relevant and interested audience.


We'll Market Your Business For You, So You Don't Have To Worry About It

Our platform is simple to use, but our team of copywriters and social media specialists will market your business from our end. We work with social media, special events, influencers, digital marketing and some of the world's top riders. We'll create a personal website page for your equestrian facility on, then fill it with all the things that make your rides special in our friendly Cavago way, and promote you as one of our own.


Become Part of Something Amazing Today with Cavago!


When you join Cavago, you're joining our beautiful community of horse-lovers all over the world. It's the ideal way to grow your business, without spending a cent.


What are you waiting for?