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Fall in Love with the Lusitano Horse at Golega 


Few places on earth capture the spirit of the Lusitano horse quite like Golega, a tiny historic town in rural Portugal. Each year, thousands of horse-lovers across the world transform Portugal's heartland into a thriving hub of culture, tradition, and of course - horses!


Golega horse fair dates back to 1773, when the Prime Minister of Portugal at the time - Marquês de Pombal - encouraged Lusitano breeders to show their horses at the local agricultural fair. These gorgeous horses stole the show, and Golega became the "Capital do Cavallo" or "Capital of the Horse." It's now a celebrated event in the equine world, and remains a soulful demonstration of the beauty of Lusitano horsemanship.




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Our hosts are some of the finest Lusitano riding facilities in Portugal.


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Azambuja, Portugal

Coudelaria Henrique Abecasis

Whether you’re a fan of the beach and coastal areas, or you’re interested in the culturally and historically-rich, winding roads of Portugese countryside, Coudelaria Henrique Abecasis is the perfect equine holiday destination for you. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to ride along the Atlantic Coast, and even explore undiscovered beaches with your equine partner. If you’re looking for a historical tour of Lisbon countryside, sit astride a gorgeous Lusitano as you take a relaxed trot through Rib...

Gouveia, Portugal

Hotel Madre De Água

Hotel Madre De Agua represents everything that is exquisite about Portugal. Set over 16 hectares of pristine wineland and historic architecture. Featuring constructions in granite stone, a mature vineyard, abundant olive trees, oaks, chestnut trees, pines, centennial cherry trees , rock formations from the glacial era and several water wells.

Lisbon - Lisboa, Portugal

Morgado Lusitano

Morgado Lusitano is an equestrian enthusiast’s dream destination. Ride magnificent Lusitano horses, trained to the highest standards in classical equitation, accompanied by world-renowned equestrian masters. All our holiday packages offers a unique learning experience, as they provide the general public with horses trained to a level that is rarely available in the overwhelming majority of riding schools. Learn as a novice rider or come here to perfect your skills. This wonderful center is the...

Malveira, Portugal

Pateo Lusitano

Learn to ride in the serenity of the countryside at Páteo Lusitano, located in Malveira, Portugal, where you will be provided with the best conditions for you and your horse in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Páteo Lusitano gives you an exceptional learning experience in a safe and comfortable environment, which is perfect for beginner riders. Additionally, they also have other services to offer such as horse accommodation, horse initiation and equestrian internships.

Parceiros, Portugal

Qpm Equestrian

Welcome to Quinta Do Pinheiro Manso (QPM). Located in the stunning rural setting of Leiria in the Centro region of Portugal, QPM Equestrian invites you to experience a unique riding holiday. Individual attention is given to every rider, and packages are tailored to the needs of each aspiring equestrian, riding on magnificent Portuguese Lusitanos. Bred for sporting excellence, these Lusitano horses are regarded as a breed that is closely linked with elegance, power, tradition coupled with a noble...

Alpiarça, Portugal

Quinta Da Lagoalva

Imagine cantering through vineyards and endless stretches of open fields. At Quinta da Lagoalva, feel completely united with nature on horseback, exploring the countryside and fields freely. Come and experience a soulful and freeing adventure like no other, riding through landscapes with rich tradition and history, weaving through cork oaks and centenary olive groves, along with other surprises you might uncover along the way with your trusty equine partner!

Miragaia, Portugal

Quinta Do Rol

There are only a few places on the planet that combine top quality equitation with exquisite settings, elegant accommodation and a century old wine estate. Quinta do Rol is a masterpiece equestrian estate located just an hour north of Lisbon. Dressage programmes on Lusitano schoolmasters, with optional estate rides and beach trails available make this a paradise for equestrian and dressage lovers. Quinta do Rol is a family estate, and there is no doubt that the staff and the owners welcome you w...