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Baby riders (For children aged 12 months to 4 years)

5.0 La Chaise, France Verified Listing

Activity details

  • Activity Equestrian Experience
  • Activity Type Session(02:30)
  • Category Individual, Group,
  • Riding Ability Beginner, Novice,

Josette Rabouan created this pediatrician approved method in 1988 and she and her team of educators have been leading sessions ever since. She has received multiple awards from the French government for her work, has written books on the subject and has helped the French Equestrian Federation develop training modules for equine business professionals. She is somewhat of a celebrity in France!

At this age, they have an immense desire to learn and easily adapt to new challenges. Under their parents watchful eye, the session takes place on gentle, well trained and size appropriate ponies. The young riders develop a trustful relationship with their new friend, discover that they can lead a large animal and joyfully reveal their talents, grow and become more independent.

Session Organization:

  • Children presentation,
  • Pony choice,
  • Grooming,
  • Exercises from the ground,
  • Songs and gestures,
  • Circus exercises,
  • Games.


Schedules & Rates:

Baby-Riders from 12 months to 4 years old Saturday from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm.



Club-Hippique Forêt De Moulière

5.0 La Chaise, France
Verified Listing

For over 40 years, the Rabouan Family has been warmly welcoming riders at this child and horse-centered place. The Club Hippique et Poney Club de la Forêt de Moulière is nestled in a French village at the edge of one of the largest Forests in France. Children and adults practice independence and responsibility through horsemanship, freedom of choice, and constant contact with nature in a supportive environment.

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Price - GBP 49.00

per person for whole activity

  • Time Slots
  • Sub Total GBP 49.00
  • Tax GBP 0.00
  • Grand Total GBP 49.00
Verified Listing

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